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Improving On Average

Improving On Average

Justin Sexten

AgWeb/Farm Journal

As we reflect on 2019 and set goals for 2020, average performance is a common metric used across operations, whether average weaning weight, daily gain, or cost of production, you name it, we all look to improve our averages. Perhaps less involved in goal setting but certainly discussed with friends and neighbors are the outliers that demonstrate our ability to manage for excellence. A rare conversation will focus on a similar average with the improvement being solely due to enhanced uniformity with fewer outliers on either end.

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New Rule Reveals Why Congress and President Favor Importers and Ignore U.S. Ranchers

New Rule Reveals Why Congress and President Favor Importers and Ignore U.S. Ranchers

Tri State Livestock News

On December 30, 2019, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) issued a proposed rule to reapportion the Beef Checkoff Program’s Cattlemen’s Beef Board (CBB). The proposed rule reveals that importers control more cattle inventories than any state in the United States except Texas.

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Higher Cash Cattle; Boxes Bottom

Higher Cash Cattle; Boxes Bottom

Cassie Fish

The Beef Read

Editor’s Note:  Produced 1/3/2020

Packers had no choice this morning. Consecutive weeks of small purchases forced packers to pay up about $2 today to replenish their cattle inventory. Texas and Kansas traded at $124 and $199 to $200 dressed in eastern Nebraska and Iowa. Western Nebraska is passing $124. January will see seasonally smaller slaughter, but still larger than the two holiday-reduced kills of this week and last and packers need fuel for production.

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Livestock outlook: Fresh start or more of the same?

Livestock outlook: Fresh start or more of the same?


The new year is a time when many people reflect on the successes and challenges of the previous 365 days and look ahead with excitement for the opportunities that lie in the 12 months ahead. For the agriculture industry in general and livestock producers in particular, 2019 was fraught with frustrations.

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Keeping Wildlife Out Of The Barn

Keeping Wildlife Out Of The Barn

Jodi Henke

Successful Farming

“A lot of barns usually aren’t made like homes that we live in, so the structure does have weak points. It can be boards missing off the sides, cracks in foundations, holes in roofs,” says Garza. “You need to seal up all those cracks in the foundation, fill them in with a little bit of cement, replace missing boards, if you have broken window panes fix the glass.”

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Industry shifts to higher-quality beef

Industry shifts to higher-quality beef

Wes Ishmael

Beef Magazine

A couple of decades ago, at a breed association meeting, an executive from one of the nation’s largest beef packers spent close to an hour explaining what kind of fed cattle had the most value to packers, and why. Toward the end of that presentation, an earnest producer asked, “But what’s the target, specifically? Just give us target and we’ll hit it.”

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Fairs Are Vital For the Next Generation Of Farmers

Fairs Are Vital For the Next Generation Of Farmers

Glenn Vaagen

Washington AG Network

When you think of educating the next generation of farmers and consumers, where does the local fair fall?  If you ask Kady Porterfield with Washington Young Farmers and Ranchers, she’ll tell you local fairs are one of the best resources a community has to bridge that generational gap.  She said most local fair across Washington do a great job sticking to their agricultural roots, making education for consumers who may never set foot on a farm a priority.

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Finding the right mix of genetics balancing and costs

Finding the right mix of genetics balancing and costs

High Plains Journal

In challenging times, beef producers are looking for an edge and genetics, nutrition and production are all part of the equation. Finding the balance is the key for producers, according to Frank Goedeken, was one of the speakers at the first Cattle U and Trade Show, a High Plains Journal event July 29 to 30, at the United Wireless Arena in Dodge City, Kansas. Goedeken has been a consulting nutritionist in the High Plains since 1989, including 15 years at Purina Mills and as an owner of Integrated Beef Consultants LLC. Priorities of his practice have been gain, conversion, cost of gain and out weight.

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Optimizing cattle performance with limited resources.

Optimizing cattle performance with limited resources.

Cadra Van Bibber-Krueger

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

Winter is the time of year when cattle most often need additional supplementation to maintain body condition. Cows that maintain a body condition score (BCS) of 5 or 6 throughout the winter are more prepared for calving and rebreeding than thinner cattle. Winter feeding contributes to a significant portion of the feeding costs associated with raising cattle. Feeding appropriate supplements will complement other feeds, optimizing inputs and managing costs.

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Ethical Photo Retouching of Livestock

Ethical Photo Retouching of Livestock

Ranch House Designs, Inc.

With the increasing availability of photo editing software, which often comes standard on many new computers or iPhone today, it can be tempting to just “touch up” your cattle or livestock.  But how far is too far when it comes to photo editing? In order for producers to maintain a level of professionalism and respect, it is important to adopt a set of ethical photo retouching standards.

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