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Managing Feeder Heifers

Managing Feeder Heifers

Klaire Howerton

Ozark Farm & Neighbor

When raising beef cattle, producers might find themselves in a situation where not all heifers make the cut as replacements. ”Heifers not kept as replacements can be a source of additional income when sold as feeder heifers or even finished on farm and sold as locally–grown beef,” Dr. Shane Gadberry, ruminant nutrition specialist with the University of Arkan-sas Cooperative Extension Service, said.

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Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Victor Shelton

Indiana Beef

I found my neighbor’s Jersey bull in with my purebred cows and I considered skeptically, just what the law allows. But if I waited for the law, my calves would have Jersey hair, and so I’m trying to figure how, to keep that rascal out of there. I told the neighbor several times, to keep his bull at home, but Jersey cows are homely, and so that bull would roam. My neighbor just ignored me, he’s an arrogant sort of guy, so now he’s got a Jersey steer, and he’s a wondering why!”

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Understanding Lice Infestation in Cattle

Understanding Lice Infestation in Cattle

Rob Warren

California Cattleman

Lice are a common winter problem and heavy infestations with these small, flat-bodied insects can lead to economic losses due to reduced weight gains and general ”unthriftiness” of infested cattle. In calves, moderate-to heavy lice infestation has led to a 0.21 pounds/ day reduced weight gain, according to a University of Nebraska-Lincoln study.

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Deliberate genetic focus results in quality boost

Deliberate genetic focus results in a quality boost

Wes Ishmael

Beef Magazine

About 80% of fed cattle carcasses this year will end up grading Choice and Prime, compared to a little more than 50% just 15 years ago. “The rise in quality grades across the industry has been very intentional, and the factors behind this improvement have been well-documented,” explained Mark McCully at the 2018 Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) Research Symposium.

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Don’t Overlook the Value of Cattle Hair

Don’t Overlook the Value of Cattle Hair

Kris Ringwall


Health never can be underestimated. Having been confined lately, that concept is even more appreciated. Comfort, the lack of stress and the need to allow time for recovery are important. All three factors also are part of cattle management, so appropriate managerial reactions must be thought through. One concept often overlooked in good cow health is hair.

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Beef Cattle Selection Has Become Less Subjective Since the 1950s

Beef Cattle Selection Has Become Less Subjective Since the 1950s

Douglas County Herald

Old pictures of champion cattle can teach a lot about cattle selection according to Eldon Cole, a livestock specialist with University of Missouri Extension. Cole was recently looking through old MU Extension annual reports for Lawrence County when he ran across the two pictures. They were both taken at the 1959 Joplin Beef Show. The Hereford was the champion steer and the Angus was the reserve champion. Both were shown by Lawrence County 4-H members.

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Penned beef heifers stressed, sedentary and experience delayed puberty

Penned beef heifers stressed, sedentary and experience delayed puberty

Tri-State Livestock News

Beef heifers raised in close quarters are under more stress and don’t get as much physical activity as heifers raised on pasture, according to an Oregon State University study. The findings, published in the journal animal, could offer guidance for cattle ranchers who want to improve the efficiency of their herds and assure the public they are interested in the welfare of the cows, said Reinaldo Cooke, a former animal scientist OSU’s College of Agricultural Sciences and corresponding author on the study: Impacts of stocking density on development and puberty attainment of replacement beef heifers.

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You kept your calves; now what?

You kept your calves; now what?

Harlan Hughes

Beef Magazine

Marketing is a real challenge at the bottom of the beef price cycle, and my study herd manager is feeling the current financial pressure in marketing his 2019 calves. This Market Adviser will share the analysis I prepared and discussed with my study herd manager in our November meeting.

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Preparing the cow herd for cold weather

Preparing the cow herd for cold weather

Larry Howard

Norfolk Daily News

Moisture, high winds and cold temperatures increase the cow’s energy requirements. Cows in an optimal body condition score (BCS 5 to 6) are better able to withstand adverse environmental conditions. As a risk management strategy as we go into the winter, reduce the number of BCS 4 cows and increase the number of BCS 5 cows in your herd.

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National Cattlemen’s Beef Association plans convention

National Cattlemen’s Beef Association plans convention

High Plains Journal

A history-making astronaut and a savvy business executive are among speakers who will share experience and wisdom at the 2020 Cattle Industry Convention and National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Trade Show in San Antonio, Texas, Feb. 5 to 7. The convention will feature business meetings of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, Cattlemen’s Beef Board and the American National CattleWomen.

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