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Days Ensiled Improves Starch Availability

Days Ensiled Improves Starch Availability

Corey Catt

Latham Seeds

Science has enabled us to delve deeper into the feed bunk and discover some hidden secrets of the silage fermentation process. At Latham Hi-Tech Seeds, we evaluate hybrids to help guide the selection process for both nutritionists and farmers.

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Baxter Black:  DVM Thumbs up

Baxter Black:  DVM Thumbs up

The Fence Post

I confess to not owning a tractor. I have plenty of friends nearby with tractors.

In a lapse of good judgment I borrowed one to brush hog a patch of weeds. Experienced farmers, even an 8-year-old farm kid knows that you always drive a tractor thumbs up. I didn’t remember.

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Bulls – Triumph and Tragedy

Bulls – Triumph and Tragedy

Our Wyoming Life

This weekend we head down to move the bulls off of the cows and end the breeding season on the ranch. After a rain delay, we are struck with good luck and bad as life on the ranch continues the only way it knows how.

Momentum growing to add value to dairy calves with beef sires

Momentum growing to add value to dairy calves with beef sires

Kay Ledbetter

The Eagle

Interest in the use of beef sires on dairy cows to increase calf value is rapidly gaining momentum across the dairy industry, according to two Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service specialists. A beef influence in the breeding program of dairy operations for some of their cows can increase the marketability, according to Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service.

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Prepare for More Antibiotic Rules

Prepare for More Antibiotic Rules

John Maday

Bovine Veterinarian

Beef and dairy producers have adapted to significant changes in antibiotic regulations over the past three years, and that trend will continue.  Continued public pressure and regulatory actions will drive ongoing change, with more emphasis on preventive care and veterinarian oversight of antibiotic use.

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Family farms still dominant

Family farms still dominant

Jonathan Knutson


Family farms continue to be the core of U.S. agriculture, a new federal government report says. Family farms account for 98% of U.S. farms and 88% of U.S. ag production, according to “America’s Diverse Family Farms — 2019 Edition” from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service.

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Using wheat pasture as a winter supplement for cows.

Using wheat pasture as a winter supplement for cows.

Glenn Selk

Angus Beef Bulletin

Limited grazing of wheat pasture has proven to be the best and also a more efficient approach for utilizing this high-quality forage with mature beef cows. The protein requirements of a dry cow can be met by allowing her to graze on wheat pasture for one day and returning her to dry pasture grass and/or hay for two to three days.

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Grassley says it’s time to talk about mental health on the farm

Grassley says it’s time to talk about mental health on the farm

Sen. Charles Grassley

Prairie Farmer

As this year nears its end, the Grassley family is grateful for another fall harvest. Like other family farms across Iowa, our three-generation farming operation experiences many of the uncertainties blanketing our profession. For starters, our livelihoods are at the mercy of Mother Nature.

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More Open Beef Cows This Fall

More Open Beef Cows This Fall


The percentage of open beef cows this fall and winter is up compared to past years. In fact, many livestock auction barns in the region have reported more cows being sold this year that didn’t breed back. SDSU Extension Veterinarian Dr. Russ Daly says the cause of the reproductive failure is hard to pinpoint but may be linked to increased stress last winter.

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EPDs only one part of the genetic selection formula

EPDs only one part of the genetic selection formula

Piper Whelan

Canadian Cattlemen

It’s not everyday you visit a 7,000-head beef operation in Kenya, but that’s not the only reason the experience was memorable for PJ Budler. When he visited this herd of Boran cattle, a breed native to Kenya, for a consulting project, their quality left him amazed.

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