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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 items on a farmer’s Christmas list

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 items on a farmer’s Christmas list


#10. A thank you card for the neighbor who outbid him on those long-haul tail-draggers that sold right before the weather turned cold, wet and nasty.

#9. Christmas cakes and cookies for the landlords, providing he can convince “somebody” to bake them.

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Technology, smart machines, are all woefully inadequate as partners.

Technology, smart machines, are all woefully inadequate as partners.

Tom Field

Angus Journal

Just as machines will never be capable of crafting stories that move the human spirit, they will never attain the esteemed level of partnership. True partnerships, either personal or professional, depend on the very essence of humanity and call upon its members to deliver the highest level of character and integrity.

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Certification for Cattle Handling

Certification for Cattle Handling

Becky Mills
Progressive Farmer

Every year, about 50,000 head of cattle come to Turner County Stockyard, most of them in stock trailers. Owner Allen Wiggins would like to give all of his customers the same message: “The first thing anybody needs to check is the floor of the trailer.”

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Calf handling at branding evaluated

Calf handling at branding evaluated


On cattle ranches, branding time traditionally is a time for ranchers to mark ownership of calves, including vaccinations, dehorning and castration of non-breeding male calves.

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Is Fescue Toxicosis a Problem in Hay?

Is Fescue Toxicosis a Problem in Hay?

Gary Bates


Tall fescue is the dominant forage species used in the eastern United States. Being a cool-season grass, it provides grazing during the spring and fall for many livestock producers around the nation. The variety Kentucky 31 (KY-31), released in the 1940s, made a tremendous impact on the forage and livestock industry. Most people familiar with KY-31 tall fescue recognize that it has many positive attributes, but there are also a couple of negative issues that come along with the variety.

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We talk COOL with Colin Woodall

We talk COOL with Colin Woodall

Nebraska Cattlemen

Country of Origin Labeling an issue the industry has been dealing with for nearly 20 years. A significant misinterpretation is that consumers don’t know where their food is coming from; therefore, it must be contaminated beef coming from other countries.

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Common Ground for Cattle and Wildlife

Common Ground for Cattle and Wildlife

Greg Henderson


Headlines encouraging Americans to eat less red meat to help mitigate climate change are an attempt to seek a simple solution to a complex issue. That view overlooks the unique role cattle and other ruminants play in diverse ecosystems.

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As beef producers look toward 2020, all eyes are on China

As beef producers look toward 2020, all eyes are on China

Burt Rutherford

Beef Magazine

According to Rabobank’s Beef Quarterly Q4 2019 report, which provides a global outlook for 2020, things look good from the 30,000-foot level. And from that viewpoint, all eyes are on China. Clearly, there are a lot of things that can impact the U.S. beef business, as we saw in 2019. So, barring more crazy weather or another black swan like the Tyson fire, the folks at RaboResearch say beef will see a continuation of strong import demand from China in 2020.

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Ag lenders review credit conditions for House Ag Subcommittee

Ag lenders review credit conditions for House Ag Subcommittee

Jennifer M. Latzke

High Plains Journal

A lot rides on the 2018 farm bill’s safety net of commodity price protections and crop insurance for U.S. farmers. Mother Nature wasn’t exactly the most cooperative of business partners in 2019. Trade wars with major U.S. commodity customers haven’t helped farm level prices. And this is on top of a slowing ag economy in its seventh year.

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Northwest Florida Beef Conference & Trade Show – February 12

Northwest Florida Beef Conference & Trade Show – February 12

University of Florida

Cattle ranchers, employees, and family members from the Tri-state region (FL, AL, GA) are invited to attend the 35th annual Northwest Florida Beef Conference and Trade Show, to be held on Wednesday, February 12, 2020.  The Jackson County Extension Service will host the event, located at 2741 Penn Avenue, Marianna, Florida.

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