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USMCA Clears The House In A Landslide Vote

USMCA Clears The House In A Landslide Vote

Northern AG Network

Today the U.S. House of Representatives passed the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement 385-41. The vote comes less than 24 hours after democrats voted to impeach President Donald Trump. U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue issued the following statement after the House of Representatives passed the USMCA.

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Man’s Best COWBOY

Man’s Best COWBOY

Savanna Simmons

Angus Journal

Two working dogs, Poncho and Dollar, leap from the tire tank where they’ve been told to “get a drink” by Juan Reyes. They’ve successfully navigated yearlings through a pasture gate with the help of Reyes only to get them started with subtle commands and to open and close the gate for them. Juan and Joni Reyes have the classic “American dream” story, though Juan credits their success to the democracy of the United States that allows for opportunities.

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Reducing hay storage and feeding losses

Reducing hay storage and feeding losses

Jessica A. Williamson

Southern Livestock

On most livestock operations, the greatest operational cost is stored and harvested feed, so it only makes sense that striving to reduce storage and feeding losses of harvested feeds as much as possible can help improve forage quality, quantity, and overall profitability of an operation.

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Vitamins to consider when cattle feeding

Vitamins to consider when cattle feeding

John McKinnon

Canadian Cattlemen

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to discuss winter feeding programs with numerous cow-calf producers across the country. One positive trend that I have noticed from these discussions is the widespread acceptance of mineral feeding.

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How to Give Multitasking Mamas an Added Nutritional Boost

How to Give Multitasking Mamas an Added Nutritional Boost


Producers put a lot of pressure on their cows. While they continue to grow and mature themselves, they are also growing a calf in their womb and hopefully generating an ample supply of high-quality colostrum. On calving day, you expect them to deliver a healthy, vigorous calf unassisted, and get that calf up and nursing. Then, during peak lactation when nutrient needs are the highest, you also expect them to maintain their body condition, all while continuing to grow and being ready to rebreed 45-60 days after their calf is born.

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Your Hay Storage Impacts Quality and Quantity

Your Hay Storage Impacts Quality and Quantity

Dave Dugan

Midwest Beef Producer

Where and how hay is stored can have a huge impact on the quality and quantity that’s available to be used for feed. With the calendar turning to November/December, and the temperatures dropping below freezing for several mornings the time to feed hay is near, if not already here. Several have been feeding hay due to the pasture situation following a dry pasture following dry September that included several 90 degree plus days that zapped much of the grass.

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Marketing Seedstock Cattle

Marketing Seedstock Cattle

Grace Vehige

Gelbvieh World

As an agricultural communications student, l have been presented with a multitude of learning opportunities. In many of my communications courses, I am constantly told the most important aspect of a communications campaign is identifying the audience and purpose for it. Similar to marketing seedstock cattle, identifying your target audience should be your first priority. Marketing seedstock cattle is very different than marketing commercial cattle. There are marketing differences in prices, product value, customers and much more.

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How to get the Most out of Your Production Sale, Part 2

How to get the Most out of Your Production Sale, Part 2

Graham Blagg, Larry Cotton, Alan Sears, Emily Lochner

Brangus Journal

Three hundred and sixty-four days a year breeders across the nation put in the work for the one day that makes the whole operation spin: sale day. Thanks to online auctions and private treaty phone bid-offs, live auction production sales are less popular than in years past. Yet, many still argue there’s nothing like the competitive atmosphere of a live production sale. Graham Blagg, Larry Cotton, and Alan Sears respectively representing the Simmental, Angus and Shorthorn sale management rings shed light onto the ultimate day of income, and how breeders can make the most of their turnkey day.

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Agreement fails America’s ranchers

Agreement fails America’s ranchers

Tri State Livestock News

At a meeting held yesterday, R-CALF USA CEO Bill Bullard told Polo, South Dakota area cattle producers that both Congress and the President are failing America’s ranchers by supporting the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), which he said is certain to accelerate the destruction of the American cattle industry as we know it today.

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Carcass and Maternal Traits Go Hand In Glove

Carcass and Maternal Traits Go Hand In Glove

Paul Dykstra


Cash fed cattle prices remained firmer last week with instances of $120/cwt. live trade in Iowa, while eastern Nebraska saw the top end of $190/cwt. dressed, resulting in a weekly live average of $119/cwt.

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