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Newborn Calves Need Umbilical Cord Care

Newborn Calves Need Umbilical Cord Care

Jim Dickrell

AG Web

Some 15 to 20% of newborn dairy calves develop umbilical cord infections after birth, with 1.6% of those resulting in death. So it’s imperative care givers do all they can to ensure calves are born in clean, dry environments with fresh, unsoiled bedding, says Ellan Dufour, a dairy specialist with Hubbard Feeds.

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Presidential Candidate Wants To Ban Feedlots

Presidential Candidate Wants To Ban Feedlots

Greg Henderson


New Jersey senator and Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker has proposed legislation that would ban new CAFOs (controlled animal feeding operations) and require existing ones to close by January 2040.

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The ‘ol beef biz; it ain’t what it used to be

The ‘ol beef biz; it ain’t what it used to be

Burt Rutherford

Beef Magazine

“The times, they are a’changin’.”

I’ve used that Bob Dylan quote several times over the years. And it’s truer now than it was back when Bob first crooned the line. (Note—I hesitate to refer to his singing as crooning, but crooning is nicely descriptive of the idea.) Thing is, the times are changing faster and faster. In perusing my email before writing this, I find several examples.

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Reducing Hay Storage and Feeding Losses

Reducing Hay Storage and Feeding Losses

Jessica A. Williamson

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter
On most livestock operations, the greatest operational cost is stored and harvested feed, so it only makes sense that striving to reduce storage and feeding losses of harvested feeds as much as possible can help improve forage quality, quantity, and overall profitability of an operation.

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How to Manage Wet Winter Grazing

How to Manage Wet Winter Grazing

Victor Shelton

On Pasture

I walked across some pastures on the last day of November and shook my head as water splashed up from my gum boots and splattered my pants. I was honestly hoping that this winter wouldn’t be anything like last year, but so far it is. Ugh, I’m afraid that mud is coming.

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Feeding Quality Forum speakers encourage new thinking.

Feeding Quality Forum speakers encourage new thinking.

Miranda Reiman

Angus Journal

“Revenue is the reward for doing the right thing,” said Anne-Marie Roerink, principal at 210 Analytics. The retail food expert talked of marketing claims, consumer preferences and buying trends she studies in the Power of Meat survey. But the idea that doing right would eventually yield more profit was a common theme at the two-day forum, hosted by Certified Angus Beef LLC (CAB) and supporting sponsors.

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Yersinia Infections Taking Advantage of Beef Cattle

Yersinia Infections Taking Advantage of Beef Cattle

Russ Daly

South Dakota State University

Of all the germs associated with cattle illnesses during the challenging summer and fall, a pathogen that’s not one of the usual suspects has been identified in several cases of cattle death losses in Eastern South Dakota.

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Livestock handling techniques all about reward training

Livestock handling techniques all about reward training


The Prairie Star

Livestock handling is all about animal behavior, according to Ed Fryer, who has managed Castle Mountain Ranch near White Sulpher Springs, Mont., since 1998 with his wife, Bev. Ed and Bev are now mostly retired, and their eldest son, David, now manages the ranch. Through the years, Ed and David became well known and well respected for low-stress livestock handling techniques.

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Preg-checking can provide vital information for producers

Preg-checking can provide vital information for producers


Farm and Ranch Guide

As any beef producer knows, once calves are shipped in the fall, the next big item on the agenda is preg-checking the mother herd. It’s a routine all too familiar. The cows are brought into the corrals and ran through the chute. The local veterinarian is on hand, usually with a trusty ultrasound machine, and the fate of the cows are determined. Bred cows get to stay on the company payroll, while those that are open or bred up too late, are shuffled on down the line.

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What is the Cattle Marketing Plan for 2020?

What is the Cattle Marketing Plan for 2020?

Dr. Andrew Griffith

University of Tennessee

Decisions influencing the 2020 cattle marketing plan for most cattle producers started in 2019 and the decisions influencing that plan will continue until the check is cashed. Some reading will say that this is not a true statement because they have not made any marketing decisions yet while a few select producers would claim their marketing plan started much earlier than 2019. Regardless of the viewpoint, it is almost guaranteed that producers made some decision in 2019 that will influence the marketing process and final price received for cattle marketed in 2020.

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