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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 things that make farmers sit straight up in the middle of the night

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 things that make farmers sit straight up in the middle of the night


#10.  The classic, “Did I turn the water off?”

#9.  The dog is barking — normal — but wasn’t it accompanied by a human scream?

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Seven Suggestions to Set Calves Up for Top Performance

Seven Suggestions to Set Calves Up for Top Performance

Dr. Kevin Hill


In the cow/calf business, profits depend heavily on decisions producers make for both cows and calves. Keeping calves healthy and prepared for top marketing programs, as well as getting cows rebred, are universal keys to ranching success. Here are seven management suggestions that will provide reproductive protection through breeding and gestation, plus build strong calf immunity to maximize their growth potential and be immunologically prepared to transition to the feedlot.

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Genetic Testing Females is an Investment in Your Future

Genetic Testing Females is an Investment in Your Future

Dr. Tonya Amen

Gelbvieh World

If you’ve been breeding cattle long, you are aware of the costs associated with either raising or buying your replacement females. Yet, through the years, we’ve often placed more emphasis on bull selection. This is not without reason, of course, as bulls do contribute heavily to the genetic value of the herd each year. But, over her lifetime, a female can also leave a big mark on the genetics of a herd.

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How to get the Most out of Your Production Sale, Part 1

How to get the Most out of Your Production Sale, Part 1

Graham Blagg, Larry Cotton, Alan Sears, Emily Lochner

Brangus Journal

No matter the operation type – commercial, seedstock, crossbred, purebred, show ring focused, international focused, or otherwise – the one tie linking every operation together is the unspoken understanding that a market must exist for profit to prevail. If a market fails to exist, so will the operation.

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Leading a New Conversation about Agriculture

Leading a New Conversation about Agriculture

Keely Brazil

California Cattleman

After meeting ranchers across the United States as 2018 president of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA), Kevin Kester is hopeful for agriculture in America. ”Everywhere I go, I’m seeing an influx of smart and savvy young people coming to events, engaged and participating. I’m really excited about the future of ranching and agriculture when I see the engagement of millennials.”

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Registration open for SDSU Beef 2020

Registration open for SDSU Beef 2020

Aberdeen News

DSU Extension and the South Dakota State University Animal Science Department will host Beef 2020 on Jan. 7-9, at the Animal Science Complex on the SDSU Campus in Brookings. “Beef 2020 provides an intensive, hands-on educational opportunity to enhance understanding of the production and marketing of high-quality, high-value beef,” said Amanda Blair, SDSU Extension meat science specialist.

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Diet paves way to healthy offspring

Diet paves way to healthy offspring

Valley Courier

Beef cattle are the scavengers of the livestock business, and they can turn high-fiber forages and other foods into protein food at a very effective rate. This allows them to graze low-quality forages in the fall. As we get closer to calving season, nutrition needs increase and the mature-fall forages may not be nutritious enough.

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Competition is on the rise between meat and faux-meat

Competition is on the rise between meat and faux-meat

Omaha World Herald

U.S. Sen. Deb Fischer, a Sand Hills rancher, has laid down a marker with her congressional proposal to designate formal definitions of “beef” and “beef products,” to underscore that artificial meat-like creations aren’t actual meat. That legislative struggle is part of a nationwide fight over food labeling, including at the Nebraska Legislature.

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Colorado State University establishes innovative Sustainable Livestock Systems Collaborative

Colorado State University establishes innovative Sustainable Livestock Systems Collaborative

Joe Giordano

Colorado State University

In a move to address the dramatic global demand for safe, high-quality protein-based food sources, Colorado State University has announced the creation of a first-of-its-kind collaborative to support profitable, sustainable and healthy livestock production. The Sustainable Livestock Systems Collaborative is designed for CSU livestock and animal health experts to work alongside industry, government and other stakeholders in addressing 21st-century challenges as well as training current and future livestock industry professionals.

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Hereford Innovation Drives Improvement

Hereford Innovation Drives Improvement

Diane Meyer


The year 2019 was one of innovation for the Hereford breed. During its annual meeting this fall in Kansas City, the American Hereford Association (AHA) shared how an emphasis on information — and its community of people – is paying off. “The U.S. cattle industry is the leader in cattle production. We produce more pounds of beef than any other country in the world. The second-closest to us is Brazil, and they do it with almost three times more cattle,” Jack Ward, AHA executive vice president told attendees.

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