Blessings from the Wreckage

Blessings from the Wreckage

Christy Couch Lee

Hereford World

. . . , Within minutes of the accident, friends within the Hereford family were jumping into action. Families stopped to offer any open trailer space for the families’ tack. A showbox here. A chute there. “They would say, ‘We have room for one heifer.’ ‘We can take some tack.’ And we unpacked those trailers we had carefully packed, and just handed off items – not knowing who was even taking them,” she says. “The firemen had to remove the back door of the trailer, because we couldn’t get the cattle out through the slider door. It was too jammed. The cattle were too scared to come off the trailer, initially. But we got them off, and then walked them on the interstate, through wreckage, to get them to trailers of folks who had room for them.”

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