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Have today’s brood cows gotten too big?

Have today’s brood cows gotten too big?

Dr. Ken McMillan

I was always taught a cow should wean about 50% of its body weight. Calves with adjusted weaning weights of 550 to 650 pounds work well in our stocker and feedlot system and on the rail.

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Another Wet Fall? Careful Grazing Management a Must!

Another Wet Fall? Careful Grazing Management a Must!

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

I walked across some pastures on the last day of November and shook my head as water splashed up from my gum boots and splattered my pants. I was honestly hoping that this winter wouldn’t be anything like last year, but so far it is. Ugh, I’m afraid that mud is coming.

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Adding insulation to heated water tanks

Adding insulation to heated water tanks

Michael Thomas


It is that time of the year when we find ourselves fighting the cold weather to provide water for our stock. Many ranchers and farmers use heated water tanks to increase water consumption for stock/horses while reducing or eliminating the battle with ice and wasted water.

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Researchers Find Interesting, New Numbers with Beef Production

Researchers Find Interesting, New Numbers with Beef Production


There are some interesting new, numbers when it comes to beef production in the U.S. over the last 50 years. USDA researchers say production has increased by 25%. That’s even while the number of cattle for beef has decreased by 6%.

USDA cancels another plan to track cattle with RFID devices

USDA cancels another plan to track cattle with RFID devices

Greg Cima

American Veterinary Medical Association

Department of Agriculture officials revoked a plan to replace visual tags with radio-frequency tracking for cattle moving interstate. USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service officials announced in April that cattle and bison would need radio-frequency tracking tags to cross state lines by January 2023, with some exceptions. In October 2019, however, agency officials said they were revisiting those guidelines in light of livestock industry members’ comments.

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The dark side of plant-based food – it’s more about money than you may think

The dark side of plant-based food – it’s more about money than you may think

Martin Cohen

The Conversation

If you were to believe newspapers and dietary advice leaflets, you’d probably think that doctors and nutritionists are the people guiding us through the thicket of what to believe when it comes to food. But food trends are far more political – and economically motivated – than it seems.

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Managing New Bulls

Managing New Bulls

Taylor Grussing

Taylor Grussing, South Dakota State University Extension Cow/Calf Field Specialist, provides information when bringing new bulls into your operation including proper nutrition, preparations for breeding and conducting physical exams.


Is Blackleg Looming?

Is Blackleg Looming?

Angus Beef Bulletin

From blizzards to torrential flooding, dramatic weather continues to challenge cattle producers. There are many things to worry about when the weather is bad, but there’s a threat that may not be top of mind — blackleg.

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History of the grading system

History of the grading system


As a farmer, you possibly know that these are some quality grades determined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) meat grading system. The USDA initiated the official grading due to commercial needs. At that time, it was necessary to establish ways to appraise the relative merit of meats and establish standards based on overall quality for trade practices and preferences.

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Will my hay supply be enough?

Will my hay supply be enough?

Roger Gates


Livestock producers who have had to purchase hay in dry years do not need economists to describe the impact of supply on price.  The value of an adequate supply becomes increasingly obvious as winter transitions to spring if pasture growth is slow or delayed.

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