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Supplementing Poor Quality Hay

Supplementing Poor Quality Hay

Clif Little

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

Forage can provide most of the nutritional requirements of a beef herd during the fall and winter months. The challenge becomes the management of supplemental energy and protein due to low quality hay. Several options available to the cow-calf producer for the management of forage and supplement are discussed here.

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NCBA’s Ethan Lane Explains NCBA’s Game Plan to Engage USDA on Product of USA Labels

NCBA’s Ethan Lane Explains NCBA’s Game Plan to Engage USDA on Product of USA Labels

Oklahoma Farm Report

Vice President of Governmental Affairs for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, Ethan Lane, says that a special taskforce of cattlemen as well as NCBA staff have been studying the product of USA labeling issue for several months now, and they are ready to move forward, engaging the USDA to find solutions that will work for their producers.  Lane says its an issue they have heard more and more about, “We’ve had some state affiliates that had this come up during their summer meetings and it does center around the use of ‘Product of the United States’ and similar labels on beef that goes on our store shelves.

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Hair Loss on Cows, Calves

Hair Loss on Cows, Calves

Dr. Ken McMillan


While flies are the most visible biting insects affecting livestock, biting gnats can also cause irritation. This condition is similar to dogs with flea allergy dermatitis. Some dogs have a hypersensitivity to the saliva in flea bites. These dogs will scratch and lose hair and can develop severely infected skin.

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Hay pads mean no more mud

Hay pads mean no more mud

Mark Hilton

Beef Magazine

The idea of making a hay pad was brought to my attention almost 20 years ago by Jason Tower, a former Purdue University animal science graduate student and current manager of the Southern Indiana Purdue Agricultural Center.

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Preparing for Fall through Winter Calving and Breeding

Preparing for Fall through Winter Calving and Breeding

University of Georgia

Has the hay you plan to feed this winter been tested?  If so, you have the tools necessary to help maintain appropriate body condition for your herd and better plan for those potential winter storms.  If you haven’t tested your hay, that ~$30 will be money very well spent

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Three Key Cattle Mineral Program “Abilities”

Three Key Cattle Mineral Program “Abilities”

N.T. Cosby, Ph.D.


Your cattle mineral program should deliver results like healthy cattle and above average breeding rates. Doing that takes a certain kind of cattle mineral program. A good cattle mineral program will fuel cows to achieve herd goals. Getting cows bred in a timely manner and raising healthy calves are always top priorities in a cow/calf operation and quality cattle mineral is the cornerstone

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New vaccine could stop spread of bovine TB

New vaccine could stop spread of bovine TB


Cattle that are vaccinated with the BCG vaccine, which contains a harmless strain of the bovine TB pathogen Mycobacterium bovis, produce a positive PPD test for TB, making it impossible to distinguish — with the PPD skin test — if the animal has TB or has simply been vaccinated, the university explained. Vaccinating cows with BCG is, therefore, banned in most countries in the world, enabling veterinarians to continue to use the PPD skin test to diagnose the disease in cattle.

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Preservatives Make Wet Hay Useable

Preservatives Make Wet Hay Useable

J.W. Schroeder


Cooler evenings and shorter fall days reduce drying time for late-season hay, which could result in damaged hay if it is baled while it is too wet. Hay harvested at 18 percent or higher moisture content will heat, mold, and loose feed value and palatability, warns North Dakota State University Extension Service dairy specialist J.W. Schroeder. The correct moisture level for baling hay is 13 percent to 17 percent.

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10 tips to marketing bull sales through social media

10 tips to marketing bull sales through social media

Caroline Arendt

Progressive Cattle

With the holidays quickly approaching – and the New Year quickly after that – it’s time to start thinking 2020 marketing for your outfit. With bull sale season being the first major event on many cattlemen and women’s calendars, it’s important to be prepared.

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USMEF Statement on Approval of U.S.-Japan Trade Agreement

USMEF Statement on Approval of U.S.-Japan Trade Agreement

Feedlot Magazine

Today the Upper House of the Japanese Parliament approved the U.S.-Japan trade agreement, which will greatly improve access for U.S. red meat in Japan. Key provisions of the agreement, which was approved by Japan’s Lower House on Nov. 19, were released in October by the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR).

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