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Clipping is an Art

Clipping is an Art

Melinda Bastian

Arable Media

I’ve watched my husband clip out cattle for 30 years now and it never ceases to amaze me. He can go from a calf that looks like Shaggy Dog to a Majors Show Winning Heifer in no time at all. If you put those same clippers in my hands, the poor calf would go from Shaggy Dog to Balding Hippie. I don’t have a picture to show you my lack of ability and there is good reason for that.

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Elanco Animal Health Appoints Chief Sustainability Officer

Elanco Animal Health Appoints Chief Sustainability Officer

Colleen Parr Dekker

Elanco Animal Health Inc. (NYSE: ELAN) today announced Sara Place, Ph.D., has joined the company as Chief Sustainability Officer, emphasizing the company’s continued commitment to make an impact on societal challenges by improving the health of animals.

Place will join Elanco’s team of scientific experts: Chief Medical Officer Shabbir Simjee and Chief Animal Welfare Officer Michelle Calvo-Lorenzo

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USCA wants a review of Marfrig’s acquisition of National Beef

USCA wants a review of Marfrig’s acquisition of National Beef

Meghan Grebner

Brownfield Ag News

USCA president Kenny Graner says the growing trend of foreign companies acquiring US ag resources jeopardizes the ability for the US to feed itself and it is a direct threat to democracy. “Once this country continues to sell out its processing facilities to foreign companies, we don’t know what their long-range plan is,” he says. “You don’t know if they’re slowly going to buy facilities and then slowly shut them down and then you have this loss of US jobs.”

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Doing your taxes might actually help during a hard year.

Doing your taxes might actually help during a hard year.

Kasey Brown

Angus Beef Bulletin

Nobody really wants to pay taxes, but there are good and bad ways to avoid paying them. It’s like a chess match. This year has been tough for many around the country, and Wesley Tucker, field specialist in agribusiness for the University of Missouri Extension, offers some tax mitigation strategies for dealing with disaster-caused changes.

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Easterday Ranches

Easterday Ranches

Food and Wine

The Easterday family of Easterday Ranches in Washington is dedicated to producing the best quality beef by raising cattle responsibly. For them, life revolves around providing their cattle with the best care, in partnership with experts like veterinarians and nutritionists. Experience a typical day on the feedyard in beautiful 360-degree video, and learn more about the Easterday family and their ranch at BeefItsWhatsForDinner.com.

Bull test sale celebrates half a century

Bull test sale celebrates half a century

Liz Crumbly

Marietta Daily Journal

An area livestock sale designed to up industry standards will celebrate half a century this year. Once again, quality tested bulls will sell at auction on a per head basis at the bull test sale, which will be Friday, Dec. 6, at the Northwest Georgia Livestock Pavillion on Highway 53 Spur in Calhoun.

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3 Tips for Developing Cattle Winter Nutritional Plans

3 Tips for Developing Cattle Winter Nutritional Plans

Grace Vehige


Ranchers need cattle to gain weight all year. Unfortunately, colder weather can make that challenging. Plan ahead today for a better, heavier animal tomorrow. When it comes to preparing cattle operations for winter months, ranchers have many factors to consider. Decisions made prior to cold weather moving in are just as vital as choices made during winter months. Feeding cattle properly is a crucial management task in order to ensure a profit and maintain herd health.

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Tennessee wins grant to study genetic information of cattle

Tennessee wins grant to study genetic information of cattle


Sacremento Bee

The money from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing Service will fuel the study at the seedstock, cow-calf and stocker producer stages of the beef supply chain, the institute said in a news release. The research aims to provide cattle producers information to help make decisions on characteristics that could be valuable to breed naturally in calves.

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Replacing beef with chicken isn’t as good for the planet as you think

Replacing beef with chicken isn’t as good for the planet as you think

Leah Garces


“If you’re worried about climate change, drop beef from your diet and replace it with chicken.” That’s the advice we’ve been hearing from some environmentalists and scientists for years — but it’s only half right. Sure, dropping beef is good for the climate. But if you really want to do what’s best for the Earth, it’s time to drop the chicken, too.

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Fence Line Feeder

Fence Line Feeder

Tennessee cattle farmers have a new, more efficient way of feeding their herds clean, dry hay. UT Extension and AgResearch have been experimenting with fence line feeders, a system that seem to work better for animals and their human caretakers.