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Partnering with Your Veterinarian

Partnering with Your Veterinarian

Dr. Bob Larson

Angus Journal

I have the privilege to see many types of partnerships between beef producers and their local veterinarians that result in working together to reach common goals. They involve much more than a straight-forward business relationship between a service provider and a customer.

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Controlling the Cost of Production of the Beef Calf

Controlling the Cost of Production of the Beef Calf

OSU Beef Team

There are basically only two ways to increase profits . . . those are to either increase the income, or reduce expenses. In this video OSU Extension Beef Specialist Steve Boyles offers tips for controlling costs.

Project hopes EPDs can catch lameness early

Project hopes EPDs can catch lameness early

Barbara Duckworth

The Western Producer

Lameness in cattle is a painful condition that affects their welfare and overall performance. Good feet and legs are primary considerations when selecting animals that can travel easily across the range. The Canadian Angus Association received nearly $240,000 in federal funding for a two-year project to generate genomically enhanced expected progeny differences for feet and leg structure in the suite of EPDs available, said Kajal Devani, director of science and technology at the Angus association.

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Selection Aides for Replacement Females

Selection Aides for Replacement Females

Ranch TV

New Bill Will Help Preserve Family Farms

New Bill Will Help Preserve Family Farms

Terri Moore

American Farm Bureau Federation

A bill introduced today to help more farm families continue their livelihoods after the death of a loved one has the full support of the American Farm Bureau Federation. The Preserving Family Farms Act of 2019 is sponsored by Reps. Jimmy Panetta (D-Calif.) and Jackie Warlorski (R-Ind.).

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Roundworms May Be Weighing Down Your Herd

Roundworms May Be Weighing Down Your Herd

Angus Beef Bulletin

Roundworm populations cause a great deal of irritation to a cow’s stomach, often leading to suppressed appetite, reduced feed intake and a negative impact on overall herd performance. “Internal parasites are not as top-of-mind as external parasites, likely because they leave no visible impacts,” says Joe Gillespie, veterinarian with Boehringer Ingelheim. “However, roundworms can significantly impact herd profitability, and are more prevalent than many producers may realize.”

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More, Heavier Cattle Placed In Feedlots In October

More, Heavier Cattle Placed In Feedlots In October

Derrell Peel


he latest USDA Cattle on feed report pegs November 1 feedlot inventories at 11.83 million head in feedlots with a capacity of 1000 head or more.  This is 101.2 percent of last year and up 4.8 percent from October as feedlot inventories increase to a seasonal peak.  After two months of year-over-year decreases in cattle on feed totals, large October placements pushed November 1 inventories back above year earlier levels.

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