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Baxter Black:  A Sheep Thanksgiving

Baxter Black:  A Sheep Thanksgiving

For some reason this Thanksgiving, I’m thinking of sheep.  The sheep industry is havin’ a fair year.  One factor is lamb being included and advertised in specialty dog food.  The sheepman’s equivalent market to fast food burgers.

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Bale Grazing to Feed the Herds Above and Below Ground

Bale Grazing to Feed the Herds Above and Below Ground

Kathy Voth

On Pasture

The last thing most people think about when they see a field full of grazing cattle is what is going on underneath those hooves. Producer Kalyn Bohle has given it some thought. Bohle has land six miles southwest of Plevna, Mont. There, with his wife and three kids, he raises 150 head of black Angus cows. And yes, he thinks about the soil surface and what lies beneath it. “The little herd that’s in the soil – they’ve gotta eat too,” says Bohle.

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Diversification Helps Level Returns

Diversification Helps Level Returns

Becky Mills
Progressive Farmer

Adam Wilson likes stocker cattle. “We’ve had stockers in some form for close to 25 years now,” he notes. There can be a whole lot more upside potential with stockers. Of course, in a bad year, there can be a lot more downside, too.”

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Bill seeks FDA access to animal operations during outbreaks

Bill seeks FDA access to animal operations during outbreaks

Chris Koger

Ag Web

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-NY, has introduced a bill designed to allow regulators easier access to animal farms during investigations into the source of foodborne illness outbreaks.

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MU Extension releases winter feed cost dashboard

MU Extension releases winter feed cost dashboard

Brent Carpenter, Gene Schmitz

University of Missouri

Beef producers will soon spend a lot on hay and supplement. Just how much can vary and depends on many moving factors, say two University of Missouri Extension specialists. Agricultural business specialist Brent Carpenter and livestock specialist Gene Schmitz looked at how current prices affect winter feeding costs for several different diets. “Winter feeding is a critical time for herd health and production. It’s also the most expensive time on the cow calendar,” Schmitz says.

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Examining crossbreeding to benefit your operation

Examining crossbreeding to benefit your operation


Star Herald

One of the most documented benefits is Heterosis, he said. Heterosis is the performance advantage of crossbreds compared to the average of straightbreds.

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Economics are putting the brakes on herd expansion

Economics are putting the brakes on herd expansion

Wes Ishmael

Beef Magazine

Increasing cow and heifer slaughter continue to suggest the nation’s herd expansion is running on fumes, if not beginning to contract. Through the first 42 weeks of the year, total beef cow slaughter was 2.9% more than last year and weekly heifer slaughter year was up 7.3%, according to the Livestock Marketing Information Center (LMIC).

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