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Cattle producers struggle to move cattle, harvest crops, get feed home this fall

Cattle producers struggle to move cattle, harvest crops, get feed home this fall

Connie Sieh Groop

The Cattle Business Weekly

The nerves of many have been stretched as tight as a good fence wire this fall. Many still struggle with getting feed home, crops harvested and cattle moved. Freezing temperatures firmed up the ground, making it easier in some ways, harder in others. The resilience of the hard working people across the state continues as they continue to care for the livestock they love.

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Prebreeding exams give insights into heifers’ productive lifespans

Prebreeding exams give insights into heifers’ productive lifespans

Samantha Athey


In terms of prebreeding exams, what we’re really talking about is a prebreeding reproductive evaluation,” Thomas said, adding the recommendations he provides originate from the Show-Me-Select Replacement Heifer Program and are geared toward commercial operations. In prebreeding exams, the SMS program requires heifers have a 150 square centimeter pelvic measurement at prebreeding.

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Can you predict the fertility of a bull?

Can you predict the fertility of a bull?

Cliff Lamb

Angus Journal

Current research being conducted at multiple locations around the world is demonstrating that the bull (or bull DNA) may contribute to differences in pregnancy survival. This indicates that simply having a bull capable of breeding females with viable semen may not result in optimum fertility. Nonetheless, bull fertility is a complex issue and predicting fertility among bulls is not an exact science.

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All antibiotics for livestock will soon require a vet’s prescription

All antibiotics for livestock will soon require a vet’s prescription

Susan Himes

Southern Livestock

A prescription is already required for most antibiotics delivered to livestock, and the remaining three categories of injectable antibiotics available over-the-counter will soon be joining the list of medically important antimicrobials that require a veterinarian’s prescription.

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Callicrate Discusses Rebuilding a Broken System

Callicrate Discusses Rebuilding a Broken System

Mayzie Purviance

Western Ag Reporter

Mike Callicrate joined the Northern Plains Resource Council at their 2019 annual meeting November 9, 2019 as their Saturday morning speaker.  Callicrate holds many titles: Cattleman, political activist, author, founder of the farm advocacy group, Organization for Competitive Markets (OCM), and the lead plaintiff in a class action lawsuit again the world’s largest meat packer IBP (now part of Tyson Foods).

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The complicated life of an ionophore

The complicated life of an ionophore

Ron Clarke

Canadian Cattlemen

Ionophores are a class of compounds frequently talked about in animal nutrition, yet infrequently understood by many. First marketed in the 1960s and derived from soil-borne organisms, ionophores are best described as feed additives that reversibly bind ions — chemical entities possessing an electric charge — then subsequently facilitate their transport across membranes.

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Analyst: Fewer cattle bode well for prices

Analyst: Fewer cattle bode well for prices


Capital Press

Prices and unpredictable markets led to uncertainty in 2019, with both beef and dairy producers reining in cattle numbers. That has one industry analyst expecting a 1% decline in the U.S. cattle inventory at the start of 2020 compared with a year earlier. “We not only brought expansion in the herd to a halt, we’ve liquidated some,” John Nalivka, owner of Sterling Marketing in Vale, Ore., said during the Idaho Cattle Association annual convention.

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The Beef Checkoff: Where Your Dollar Goes – Part 1

The Beef Checkoff: Where Your Dollar Goes – Part 1

Greg Hanes


Created 34 years ago through a vote of producers all over the country, the Beef Checkoff launched to add support to the industry through promotion and research to ultimately grow beef demand. After all, if beef producers aren’t promoting their product, who will? The program started in 1985 with a simple process: pay $1 per head of cattle at the time of sale.

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Beef cattle tips for fall

Beef cattle tips for fall

Brandon Sears

Richmond Register

Schedule a pregnancy examination of cows if not done previously. Winter feeding costs can be minimized by eliminating open cows prior to winterfeeding. Pregnancy status (pregnant versus open) can be determined using palpation, transrectal ultrasonography, or blood sampling. Stage of pregnancy can only be determined by palpation or ultrasonography (performed by your veterinarian).

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A Diversified Grazing Plan Works Best When Mother Nature Isn’t Cooperating

A Diversified Grazing Plan Works Best When Mother Nature Isn’t Cooperating

Victor Shelton

I’ve heard several people mentioning lately that they are glad that this season is about over. This is especially true with corn and soybean producers. It certainly has been a very unusual year. None of us need a reminder of the spring, but most areas of Indiana started out and remained wet for a very extended period which delayed or prevented row crop planting and created lots of challenges for pasture and hay.

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