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Baxter Black, DVM:  ‘Climate Change’ Cowboy Logic

Baxter Black, DVM:  ‘Climate Change’ Cowboy Logic

The sea level is rising. We are in an “interglacial period” within the Pleistocene Ice Age, according to the learned.  It has been melting ice for the last ten thousand years. So, we miniscule Earthlings are fighting an uphill battle.

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Stocker cattle are the shock absorber for the beef industry.

Stocker cattle are the shock absorber for the beef industry.

Teresa Clark

The Fence Post

Is there opportunity in backgrounding cattle? Can money be made? These were just two of the questions addressed by a Breedlove professor of Agribusiness and Extension Livestock Marketing specialist at Oklahoma State University, during a recent stocker calf meeting in Nebraska.

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USMEF Heartland Team sees great potential for U.S. beef, pork export growth in Japan

USMEF Heartland Team sees great potential for U.S. beef, pork export growth in Japan

Southern Livestock

Cevin Jones, USMEF chair-elect and a beef producer from Eden, Idaho, said the experience confirmed what he has heard about Japanese consumers’ fondness for U.S. red meat. “My impression of the Japanese market is that they are very loyal, and many are loyal to U.S. beef and pork – and now that it has access in Japan, we can start promoting U.S. lamb,” said Jones. “They see our products as superior in both quality and reliability. It’s also important that we remember that U.S. red meat is providing a value to them and we want to keep working hard to maintain that image.”

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Fall forage samples showing lower protein

Fall forage samples showing lower protein


Echoing other recent announcements from universities across the Central U.S., the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture reported that laboratory-tested forage samples collected this fall are showing lower protein levels.

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Some thoughts on cattle feeding program design

Some thoughts on cattle feeding program design

John McKinnon

Canadian Cattlemen

In my last column, I discussed some of the issues cattle feeders — particularly those new to feeding — face when starting calves on feed. The basic message was that with feed intake, these animals need to get off to a fast start to minimize issues associated with weaning stress and the various disease challenges they face.

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Making your cattle even more efficient upcyclers

Making your cattle even more efficient upcyclers

Ted Perry

Beef Magazine

Cows are often referred to as upcyclers because they convert grass, something with minimal nutritional value to humans, into an incredibly nutrient-dense food that people like to eat—beef. But what if we could make our cows even more efficient upcyclers?

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Cattle Numbers Indicate Optimism For 2020

Cattle Numbers Indicate Optimism For 2020

John Nalivka


African Swine Fever, trade, plant-based protein, flooding in the Midwest, a packing plant fire – all led to market uncertainty in 2019. But they also represent opportunity and the beef industry is poised for higher prices during 2020. While the focus has been on export opportunities, particularly in the face of ASF in China, reduced cattle numbers will be significant to next year’s cattle market.

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