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Best calf weaning strategies rely on other links in the chain

Best calf weaning strategies rely on other links in the chain

Bruce Derksen

Ag Daily

The choices that livestock producers make in their day-to-day practices impact all corners of their operations, including herd health. Factors such as herd genetics and quality of feed have an effect on end results for both the individual animal and the producer, but can they work together to provide positive outcomes for both?

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Windrow Grazing

Windrow Grazing

Aaron Berger

University of Nebraska

How steak became manly and salads became feminine

How steak became manly and salads became feminine

Paul Freedman

The Conversation

Beginning in the late 19th century, a steady stream of dietary advice, corporate advertising and magazine articles created a division between male and female tastes that, for more than a century, has shaped everything from dinner plans to menu designs.

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Beef grading from yesterday to tomorrow

Beef grading from yesterday to tomorrow

Natalie Jones

High Plains Journal

When you enjoy a great steak, it’s largely because of those little flecks of intramuscular fat. “Marbling is like butter in the pan of potatoes,” said Dale Woerner, Texas Tech meat scientist addressing the recent Feeding Quality Forum in Amarillo. “The more marbling in the beef, the more flavor and performance we get.”

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Cattlemen Applaud Introduction of Real MEAT Act of 2019

Cattlemen Applaud Introduction of Real MEAT Act of 2019


“A growing number of fake meat products are clearly trying to mislead consumers about what they’re trying to get them to buy,” said NCBA President and Tennessee cattlewoman Jennifer Houston. “Consumers need to be protected from deceptive marketing practices, and cattle producers need to be able to compete on a fair, level playing field. We want to thank Congressmen Brindisi and Marshall for leading the way on this very important issue.”

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UK Beef Supplement Tool

UK Beef Supplement Tool

Kevin Laurent, Jeff Lehmkuhler, Roy Burris

University of Kentucky

Many variables such as weather conditions, body condition, animal health, palatability of feedstuffs, etc can affect actual intake and animal response to a feeding program. Actual feed/forage intake and body condition should be monitored throughout the feeding program. Cattle should also have access to a complete mineral supplement and clean drinking water at all times.

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Scoring Cows Can Improve Profits

Scoring Cows Can Improve Profits

Jeff Fisher, David Dugan

Ohio State University

The most important time to evaluate body condition is at weaning. Management decisions involving cow nutrition at weaning are important to achieve the best cow body condition at calving and later post-calving reproductive success. Body condition scoring (BCS) aids in nutrition management and enhances reproductive performance of the cow herd.

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