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Exports and the Impact of the U.S. Dollar Value on Beef Trade

Exports and the Impact of the U.S. Dollar Value on Beef Trade

Josh Maples

Feedlot Magazine

The latest Livestock and Meat Monthly Trade data from the Economic Research Service (ERS) was released on October 7th and included the month of August 2019 as the most recent data available. The purpose of this article is not just to discuss the export data from this report, but also to discuss an important but complex factor that impacts trade: the value of the U.S. dollar.

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Hay Sampling for Forage Quality

Hay Sampling for Forage Quality

Nick Simmons

University of Florida

Hay sampling for forage quality” focuses on a simple tool that hay and livestock producers can use to determine the quality of their hay. This can be beneficial for hay producers who are selling their product to provide more information for their buyers. Livestock producers can use this information when it comes time to determine rations for their cattle during the winter months, when forages are usually at their lowest production.


BMPs for Sustainable Parasite Control

BMPs for Sustainable Parasite Control

John Maday

Bovine Veterinarian

For many years, the biggest questions producers faced in controlling internal parasites related to timing. Available anthelmintics, in delivery forms including injections, pour-ons, oral pastes and free-choice minerals offered high levels of efficacy, and depending on the locations and production systems, producers planned deworming schedules and chose products accordingly.

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Teaching animal science through interactive gaming.

Teaching animal science through interactive gaming.

Kaitlyn Arnold

Angus Beef Bulletin

For students studying animal science, interactive gaming can now help introduce concepts of working with cattle before they’ve even stepped foot in a pen or pasture. Nicholas Free, animal science senior at Texas A&M University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, didn’t grow up handling cattle, but he created a simulation that may help others build and expand their cattle-working skills.

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Untoward Acceleration – the Greatest Danger to Graziers

Untoward Acceleration – the Greatest Danger to Graziers

Troy Bishop

On Pasture

Untoward acceleration is a description of what happens when paddocks are not rested long enough between grazings. Each subsequent grazing of the paddock provides less forage and the regrowth period gets shorter throughout the grazing season until most of the plants are overgrazed and there is little or no feed left.

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Deworming Does Not Cost- It Pays in Most Beef Cattle Operations

Deworming Does Not Cost- It Pays in Most Beef Cattle Operations

Oklahoma Farm Report

Deworming can be one of the best management practices when it comes to a return on investment for your beef cattle operation. The director of field investigations at the Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, Gregg Hanzlicek explains that the use of dewormers can have a greater economic impact than many other management practices.

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Resistance to dewormers is growing

Resistance to dewormers is growing

Anna Miller

Western Livestock Journal

Resistance is not a new topic when it comes to drugs such as antibiotics, but one class of drugs—anthelmintics, also known as dewormers—is often overlooked. And that’s not good. An anthelmintic is the term for drugs used to treat and prevent infections of animals with parasitic worms. Worms are not only a welfare issue in the livestock industry, but also result in an economic burden.

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