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Consider By-product Feeds in Rations This Winter

Consider By-product Feeds in Rations This Winter

Erika Lyon

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

The last two years made it challenging for many producers to find good quality, let alone a good quantity of, feed for livestock. Spoilage and high costs for subpar hay and grain can be discouraging.

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Livestock specialist to break down beef labels

Livestock specialist to break down beef labels

Morgan O’Hanlon |

Victoria Advocate

Do you know where your beef is coming from? Livestock specialist Ron Gill says the packaging on your store-bought beef may not have the answer. Labeling is regulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service. False claims carry a range of penalties, including rescinding the use of labeling, prohibiting shipment, prohibiting sale, product recall, fines and criminal prosecution.

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Why does hay quality vary?

Why does hay quality vary?

Hay and Forage Grower

Hay is hay. Right? Most people understand that the package of dry forage we bind up and call “hay” is not created equal in terms of nutrient content. In fact, hay is subject to extreme variation in the production phase and then additional potential forage quality variation when it is tested in the lab.

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Squaring carcass value and calf prices

Squaring carcass value and calf prices

Paul Dykstra

CAB Cattle

October is the season for weaning and shipping calves for many spring-calving herds. A broad area of western U.S. cow-calf areas experienced one of the wettest summers in memory and with that came a lot of grass growth.

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A Little Trail History

A Little Trail History

Chris McClure

Panhandle Poet

The period just after the “War of Northern Aggression” was a tumultuous one. The cattle of central and southern Texas had multiplied and gone wild while most of the adult male population was serving the Confederate cause in states far to the east. Without fences, the animals had spread into the rugged Edwards Plateau region to the west of the primary settlements where ownership was questionable.

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Six criteria to help decide which cows to keep in your herd.

Six criteria to help decide which cows to keep in your herd.

Glenn Selk

Angus Beef Bulletin

Cull cows represent approximately 20% of the gross income of any commercial cow-calf operation. Cull beef cows represent 10% of the beef that is consumed in the United States. Therefore, ranchers need to make certain that cow culling is done properly and profitably.

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Final Awards Supporting Farmers of Color and Veterans Announced

Final Awards Supporting Farmers of Color and Veterans Announced

National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

For three decades, the Outreach and Assistance for Socially Disadvantaged and Veteran Farmers and Ranchers Program (also known as the “Section 2501” program) has served as the only farm bill program dedicated to addressing the specific needs of farmers of color. The Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 projects will expand upon these efforts to ensure socially disadvantaged (SDA) farmers’ long-term success in agriculture thanks to increased financial support.

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Beef Nutrition Research Showcase Set for Dec. 4 in Ames

Beef Nutrition Research Showcase Set for Dec. 4 in Ames

Iowa State University

The 2019 Beef Nutrition Research Showcase, set for Wednesday, December 4, features a variety of topics presented by eight Iowa State University speakers, all with an eye on practical research and market information. It’s presented by Iowa Beef Center and the ruminant nutrition group in the animal science department at Iowa State.

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Ag students petition to rebuild Beef Center after last year’s fire

Ag students petition to rebuild Beef Center after last year’s fire

Grayson Porter

The Pine Log

Since burning down during the fall 2018 semester, the SFA Beef Center, which was a part of the Todd Agricultural Research Center has not been rebuilt to the dismay of some animal science majors. The building was used to conduct labs with the cattle and provide hands-on experience to students who may not have had as much experience with cattle farming.

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Gianforte calling for change in America’s cattle market

Gianforte calling for change in America’s cattle market

Nicholas Berger


According to Congressman Greg Gianforte, America is seeing beef prices the highest they’ve been since 2015, while cattle prices have fallen. In addition to this, a major fire at a processing plant in Kansas this past August has had major impacts on ranchers across the country. “Montana ranchers produce the world’s best beef, but current conditions in the market are hurting them. They deserve an explanation and to be treated fairly,” says Gianforte.

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