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Baxter Black, DVM: Gypsy Cow

Baxter Black, DVM:  Gypsy Cow

I was just about to cull the cow when the boss sees me swingin’ the gate.

“Hold it there, Doc, for a minute yet, ’cause I’ve not quite decided her fate.

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Investigating the Meat Packing Giant JBS

Investigating the Meat Packing Giant JBS

Kayla Sargent

Western AG Reporter

Two East Coast Senators are questioning foreign investments in the U.S. meatpacking industry.  Specifically, Brazilian meat processor JBS S.A.’s move into the U.S. market is of concern, considering its “admitted criminal conduct” and involvement in “illicit financial activities,” Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) wrote in a letter to Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin.

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Ranchers ask federal court to block RFID traceability tags for cattle, bison

Ranchers ask federal court to block RFID traceability tags for cattle, bison

Dan Flynn

Food Safety News

For the cause of traceability, radio frequency identification (RFID) ear tags will be required in American beef cattle, dairy cows, and bison by Jan. 1, 2023. Unless, of course, a Montana-based cattle ranchers’ organization can persuade a federal judge in Wyoming to call a halt to the RFID mandate handed down by USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS). Traceability is increasingly in the food safety spotlight because of its crucial role in contamination and outbreak investigations.

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Calculate real numbers for grazing cover crops

Calculate real numbers for grazing cover crops

Sierra Becker

Wallaces Farmer

To many, the benefits of cover crops are not a secret. They can improve soil quality, suppress weeds and reduce erosion while building organic matter. For livestock farmers, cover crops can be a valuable source of forage that nourishes both animals and the land. So why don’t we see more cover crops planted each year?

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Modern Reality of Crossbreeding

Modern Reality of Crossbreeding

Jared Wareham


What is crossbreeding’s place or role in the beef industry? What will it look like over the next several decades? I believe the big picture answers are quite simple. First, this article is strictly about crossbreeding. Therefore, it was written with the assumption that single-breed strategies are not an option.

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Value of carcass quality increasing with supply

Value of carcass quality increasing with supply

Wes Ishmael

Beef Magazine
Carcass quality price spreads are being magnified by less year-over-year fed beef production and a decline in carcasses grading Choice and higher.

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The Price of Calves, and What To Do About It?

The Price of Calves, and What To Do About It?

Our Wyoming Life

The cattle market isn’t great and this week we have to sit down and decide how to proceed with our calves and the ranches one paycheck of the year. We look at cattle markets and the price of calves and find that a new approach to the way we do business might be the best solution.

‘It depends’ is answer to moldy corn questions

‘It depends’ is answer to moldy corn questions

Sarah Sivits

Kearney Hub

A producer called me last week to ask if moldy corn should be used as earlage. The answer is, “It depends.” There are several types of mold in fields, depending on the year, weather conditions, field history, crop rotation and if the crop experienced any hail or insect damage during the growing season.

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5 Reasons it’s More than JUST a Livestock Judging Team

5 Reasons it’s More than JUST a Livestock Judging Team


Any livestock judging enthusiast knows that the busy fall judging run is filled with many mixed emotions. Every contest that happens is filled with history and prestige, regardless of where you stand in the livestock judging ranks, and the stakes and pressure run high.

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Former McDonald’s USA President Ed Rensi: Plant-based (fake) meat fad is due for a reckoning

Former McDonald’s USA President Ed Rensi: Plant-based (fake) meat fad is due for a reckoning

Ed Rensi


This fall, about 60,000 protesters gathered in New York City to march about climate change. Subscribing to the Green New Delusion, these protestors called for extreme changes to cut down on emissions, ranging from ending use of fossil fuels to ridding the country of “farting cows.” That’s right: cow flatulence.

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