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Wean Early to Prep Thin Cows for Winter Weather

Wean Early to Prep Thin Cows for Winter Weather

Kathy Voth

On Pasture

If you have cows that are thinner than normal, consider weaning earlier to give those cows a chance to gain body condition, and hold it through the winter. This is especially true for younger females.

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Bumper crop of pasture weeds needs action

Bumper crop of pasture weeds needs action

University of Missouri

Leonardo da Vinci might have been describing the last few growing seasons for pastures when he wrote, “Even the richest soil, if left uncultivated, will produce the rankest weeds.” University of Missouri Extension livestock specialist Gene Schmitz says the Renaissance polymath’s words ring true. “The past one to two years have been hard on pasture stands,” Schmitz says. “Last summer’s drought followed by a wet winter and summer this year has led to a bumper crop of ragweed, foxtail and other pasture weeds. Trying to control weeds and rejuvenate pastures looks to be a major challenge in some areas.”

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Freeze-Proof Pasture Waterer

Freeze-Proof Pasture Waterer

Paula Barbour

Successful Farming

Livestock producers need reliable waterers that won’t freeze.   Varel Bailey has now built his fourth waterer that keeps those promises. His system “is the result of about 40 years of trial and error in five pond waterers,” he says.

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Forage Value Based on Nutrients

Forage Value Based on Nutrients

Clif Little

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

A forage nutrient analysis is an underutilized tool. Nutrient content determines forage value. In addition, forage dry matter content influences livestock feed amounts required per day and ability to properly preserve forages for winter feeding.

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The right team and the right genetics

The right team and the right genetics

Seth Christensen

Progressive Cattle

Once the tallest player in the NBA, Yao Ming measures at an astounding 7 feet, 6 inches tall. His height and athletic ability led him to be selected for the NBA All-Star game eight times. By any measure, Yao is an exceptional and well-known basketball player. And yet, in two years spent living in Latin America, I never once heard of him. Why? He doesn’t play soccer.

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Cow-Calf Corner – Body Condition Basics

Cow-Calf Corner – Body Condition Basics



Fall frost and Johnsongrass concerns for beef cattle

Fall frost and Johnsongrass concerns for beef cattle

Clay Stamm

The Winchester Star

We have started to see temperatures decreasing at night, and we have seen the first frost of the fall. In some places, there is a lot of Johnsongrass in pastures and hayfields, and that brings up concerns for cattle producers. That is because Johnsongrass contains cyanic compounds which, under certain stresses, can result in cyanide poisoning when consumed by beef cattle.

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Considerations for Alfalfa

Considerations for Alfalfa

Bruce Anderson

University of Nebraska

Dr. Bruce Anderson, Nebraska Extension Forage Specialist, offers options for alfalfa producers including how weather conditions could change harvest plans and when livestock can graze it for the most benefit.

USMCA: It’s time to get it done for farmers

USMCA: It’s time to get it done for farmers

Tim Trotter

The Hill

On their farms, when something needs to get done, our dairy farmers don’t hem and haw, they don’t drag their feet and they don’t play politics. They get it done. Congress needs to follow our farmers’ example and get the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement done.

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What’s new with fake meats? Are consumer attitudes about meat changing?

What’s new with fake meats? Are consumer attitudes about meat changing?

Amanda Radke

Beef Magazine

Every single day there is something “new” in the news about plant-based and lab meats. The media buzz echoes what these companies are saying — that faux meats are in and real meats are out. Yet, are these stories more hype than a reflection of actual consumer demand?

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