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Marketing cattle to maximize value

Marketing cattle to maximize value


Beef Magazine

Many producers do a good job of raising calves, taking care of cattle and keeping them healthy. Marketing, on the other hand, is often the most challenging part of their program, reducing potential profit. It can be challenging to market cattle at optimum times. There are many ways to market calves, yearlings and cull cows or bulls, but we don’t always market them strategically — or with the least cost.

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The Value of Measuring

The Value of Measuring

Dr. Gary Bates

University of Tennessee

There may be things that have changed on your farm over the last several years, but you just don’t realize it because you don’t have any markers to help measure the change.  Without having a measurement, you can’t see how much you have accomplished, or where the areas to improve are.  Here are some areas to consider taking measurements to improve your operation.

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Calendar the Best Way to Spot Top Replacements

Calendar the Best Way to Spot Top Replacements

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

For producers with years of experience, picking replacement heifers may seem to come naturally. It’s not all about the looks, though, says Ryon Walker in a recent report from the Noble Research Institute out of Ardmore, Oklahoma.

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When to Supplement Fall Grazing

When to Supplement Fall Grazing

Heather Smith Thomas

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

In fall and winter, most native forages and tame pastures are low in protein. Many stockmen try to extend grazing as long as possible because winter feeding is the most expensive part of raising cattle. Adding a protein supplement to mature, dry pastures is generally cheaper than feeding hay.

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Interpretive Summary: Predicting Dry Matter Intake

Interpretive Summary: Predicting Dry Matter Intake

Anne Wallace

American Society of Animal Science

Dry matter (DM) intake prediction models are an invaluable tool that can help to increase efficiency and production in cattle. However, there is a need to better predict the voluntary dry matter intake (VDMI) of cattle under tropical and subtropical conditions. Various predictive models exist, including empirical and mechanistic models.

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President Trump announces ‘phase one’ deal with China

President Trump announces ‘phase one’ deal with China


Late Friday afternoon, President Donald Trump announced that a tentative deal with China had been reached. Phase one of the tentative deal will include “A purchase of — from 40 to 50 billion dollars’ worth of agricultural products.” The deal — which has been agreed upon in principle, but still needs to written out and signed — also includes agricultural structural issues, intellectual property, and technology transfer.

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Ask the consultant: Considerations for next year’s calf, right now

Ask the consultant: Considerations for next year’s calf, right now

Caitlin Hebbert

Progressive Cattle

Upon weaning a calf, your operation’s financial investment splits from one entity into two: the weaned calf going to sale and the dry cow going to pasture for the winter, where she’s hardly given a thought until 30 to 45 days prior to calving time.

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