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Meet the NCBA President

Meet the NCBA President

Gene Johnston

Successful Farming

Tennessee beef producer and cattle market owner Jennifer Houston is this year’s president of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) after ascending through several years on the board of directors. She is the first woman to serve as the organization’s president since Jan Lyons of Kansas in 2004.

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An Efficient Use of Cover Crops

An Efficient Use of Cover Crops

Northern AG Network

What do we do if it is time to wean calves, but the pen isn’t ready? That can be a real concern during wet fall seasons, such as 2019. Putting calves into muddy pen conditions is far from desirable, but holding calves on the cows deep into fall increases the risk of adverse winter weather and tends to pull body condition off the cows.

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Ergot in Western Wheatgrass and the Potential Effects for Winter Grazing

Ergot in Western Wheatgrass and the Potential Effects for Winter Grazing

Sean Kelly


Ergot is a fungus that grows on the seedhead of cereal grains and grasses. The fungus produces toxic compounds called ergot alkaloids which are vaso-active causing severe vasoconstriction of small arteries, leading to reduced blood flow especially in extremities (feet, tails, etc.).

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Cattlemen Participate in White House Event Spotlighting Federal Overreach

Cattlemen Participate in White House Event Spotlighting Federal Overreach


Two members of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) today joined President Trump at a White House event spotlighting past federal overreach by the U.S. Department of the Interior and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). During the event, the President signed two Executive Orders that will provide more clarity and transparency to often-daunting and complicated federal regulatory processes.

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How will the farm’s next generation make decisions?

How will the farm’s next generation make decisions?

Darren Frye

Farm Futures

We’re responsible for making the final call, so we get good at efficient decision-making for our farm businesses. That’s a positive thing. However, when you want your farm’s legacy to continue and there’s another generation on the farm who hopes to lead in the future – it’s time to start thinking differently about decision-making.

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KLA Presented Don L. Good Impact Award

KLA Presented Don L. Good Impact Award

Kansas State University

The highlight of the evening each year is the presentation of the Don L. Good Impact Award, which recognizes a person or entity that has had an impact on the livestock and agricultural industry. The 2019 Don L. Good Impact Award was given to the Kansas Livestock Association (KLA).

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Assisting Difficult Calving

Assisting Difficult Calving

Floron C. Faries

AgriLife Communications and Marketing,

Dystocia is the scientific word used to describe a difficult delivery during the birthing process. In cattle, such difficulty occurs most frequently in first-calf heifers. On the average, 50 percent of dystocias in cattle occur in first-calf heifers and 25 percent occur in second-calf heifers. The remaining dystocias are distributed throughout the rest of the calving cow herd

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