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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 no trespassing signs that might be more effective than purple posts

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 no trespassing signs that might be more effective than purple posts


#10. “University Extension Poison Ivy Research Nursery”

#9. “Land Patrolled by Slightly Nuts Brahman-Watusi Bull with 103 Speed Index”

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Glynn Tonsor:  No Beef Demand Bump from COOL

Glynn Tonsor:  No Beef Demand Bump from COOL

Oklahoma Farm Report

There is a lot of discussion in the meat industry right now over Mandatory Country of Origin Labeling, or MCOOL, which some cattle producers and populist cattle industry groups are calling upon the government to reinstate. These proponents of MCOOL argue that during the period of time in which it was the law of the land, beef prices were comparatively higher than they are today.

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Proper processing optimizes corn

Proper processing optimizes corn

Barb Glen

Western Producer

Producers must put silage into the silo at the right dry matter if it is to ferment properly and be palatable for cattle  Corn silage can be highly nutritious feed for dairy and beef cattle but it is more variable than barley silage so producers need to consider that when growing, cutting, ensiling and using it.

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Edible, wax-based silage sealant may soon eliminate waste

Edible, wax-based silage sealant may soon eliminate waste

Joy Hendrix

Progressive Forage

Silage is a great option to integrate into your feeding program, but it is not a cheap endeavor. Aside from the time spent growing the crop, the process of storing it effectively to preserve quality can be time-consuming and costly. The traditional plastic and tire method can be a safety hazard for employees and creates waste that ends up in a dumpster if not recycled.

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Nutrition is Vital to Successfully Breeding Back First-Calf Cows

Nutrition is Vital to Successfully Breeding Back First-Calf Cows


Multi-tasking is never easy. Imagine the life of a 2-year-old heifer just turned mama cow. She’s still growing and maturing herself. Now, she’s given birth to a 70-pound calf that depends on her as its sole nutrition source, and in 45-60 days needs to be ready for rebreeding for her second pregnancy. To make sure she is in proper condition, and can manage these multiple responsibilities, she must have a quality nutrition plan in place.

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Evaluating Hay Quality

Evaluating Hay Quality

University of Maryland

High quality hay has a high nutritive content (including crude protein and digestible energy) and a high intake and acceptability. It is low in cell walls and fiber and free of defects, such as dust, musty odor, mold, and excessive foreign material.

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Innovations in health diagnostics

Innovations in health diagnostics

Morgan Marley

CAB Cattle
Cattle are great at camouflaging when they are sick. It’s part of their survival instinct. But what if you could detect illness before a calf showed clinical signs? That’s just what animal scientist John Richeson is working on at West Texas A&M University. He presented on innovations in health diagnostics at the 2019 Feeding Quality Forum in Amarillo, focused on what could be “the most complicated mammalian disease in the world.”

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Selection for Improved Carcass in Red Angus

Selection for Improved Carcass in Red Angus

Ryan Boldt

A Steak in Genomics™

Selection for carcass trait performance is important to keep in mind when making bull-purchasing decisions. Most carcass traits are moderately heritable in nature. In seedstock animals, the best method to collect information about carcass-trait performance is through the use of ultrasound imagining.

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We ought not squander the opportunity

We ought not squander the opportunity

Brooke Miller

Ag Daily
Like most ranchers, I am not too keen on leaving the ranch and getting involved in politics and policy. In fact, if I hadn’t bumped into Jess Peterson at a bull sale in southern Virginia a few years back, I wouldn’t have gotten involved in the U.S. Cattlemen’s Association (USCA).

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Statement on Trade Agreement with Japan

Statement on Trade Agreement with Japan


“I was deeply honored to attend the ceremony at the White House where we celebrated a bilateral trade agreement with Japan. As the top market for U.S. beef exports, Japan accounts for one quarter of our exports and roughly $2 billion in annual sales.

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