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Be Aware of Late-Season Potential Forage Toxicities

Be Aware of Late-Season Potential Forage Toxicities


Livestock owners feeding forage need to keep in mind potential for some forage toxicity issues late this season. Nitrate and prussic acid poisoning potential associated with drought stress or frost are the main concerns to be aware of, and these are primarily an issue with annual forages and several weed species, but nitrates can be an issue even in perennial forages when they are drought stressed.

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Feeding Light Test Weight Corn in Growing and Finishing Diets

Feeding Light Test Weight Corn in Growing and Finishing Diets


The number of growing degree days remaining for the season will influence the amount of light test weight corn harvested this fall. The current standard test weight for corn is 56 pounds per bushel. When corn test weight is below the standard, it is often discounted in price, suggesting the feeding value is lower. However, research has shown that the feeding value of light test weight corn is often similar to normal test weight corn when included in various cattle diets.

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Cattle Ranchers Are Calling Out the Trump Administration

Cattle Ranchers Are Calling Out the Trump Administration

Dan Nosowitz

Modern Farmer

It’s often said that the agriculture industry—farmers and ranchers—helped get Donald Trump elected. But after several extremely difficult years and a costly trade war, many are beginning to turn on the president. This past week, cattle ranchers initiated a media campaign, complete with a rally and an active hashtag, to bring attention to the struggles in the beef industry.

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Five butchered bulls spark fears of cult activity in small U.S. town

Five butchered bulls spark fears of cult activity in small U.S. town

Meaghan Wray

Global News

The appearance of one dead bull — no blood, sex organs and tongue removed, no gunshot wounds — mystified officials near a timbered ravine in eastern Oregon. But when four more were discovered about 2.5 kilometres away in the same condition, the plot thickened. No tracks were found near the dead bodies, leading people to think they were placed there.

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R-CALF’s Bullard sees ‘firestorm’ developing

R-CALF’s Bullard sees ‘firestorm’ developing

Ken Anderson

Brownfield Network

The CEO of cattle group R-CALF USA, Bill Bullard, says he’s been warning about “broken markets” in the cattle industry for nearly two decades. And he thinks producers are finally starting to listen. “I think we’ve hit the point of the proverbial ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’, and that was the August 9th fire in Holcomb, Kansas that caused our already declining prices to collapse even further,” Bullard says. “That’s caught the attention and created a virtual firestorm within our industry.”

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After harvest, determine plans for cornstalk grazing

After harvest, determine plans for cornstalk grazing


Kearney Hub

Nebraska’s corn harvest will leave behind corn residue that is a tremendous feed resource for cattle and an economical forage option for many producers. Nebraska has 9 million corn acres and 1.8 million beef cows, which means there is more than twice the number of cornstalk acres needed for beef grazing.

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Yes, there are competitive meat judging teams.

Yes, there are competitive meat judging teams.

Jason Nark

Philadelphia Inquirer

Students circled up in the lecture hall and locked hands, their red hard hats bowed toward their boots. In a nearby meat locker, their practice exams hung on hooks. They thanked the Lord for safe travels from Lubbock, Texas, to Pat’s and Geno’s Steaks in South Philly, where they sampled cheesesteaks, and now to this small building in the shadow of Penn State’s Beaver Stadium. After a collective “amen,” the Texas Tech University Red Raiders went into the locker to scrutinize frozen pig carcasses and other cuts of pork and beef.

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