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Tips for Evaluating Property for Raising Cattle

Tips for Evaluating Property for Raising Cattle

Robert Wells

On Pasture

When buying land for cattle production, there are some unique characteristics to consider before signing a contract. These characteristics include: stocking rate, forage quality and type, soil type and fertility, terrain and slope of the land, water sources in each pasture, number of pastures and traps, working pen availability and condition, fence condition and type, and other infrastructure (overhead bins, interior roads, etc.) availability and condition.

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LMA’s Chelsea Good Shares Her Thoughts on Today’s Hot Button Issues in the Animal Ag Industry

LMA’s Chelsea Good Shares Her Thoughts on Today’s Hot Button Issues in the Animal Ag Industry

Oklahoma Farm Report

Vice President for Government and Industry Affairs Chelsea Good and other members of the Livestock Marketing Association team have been travelling the countryside recently meeting with their members and stakeholders in the livestock business trying to get a feel of what is going on in animal agriculture, especially where the cattle market is concerned.

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Reward increased to $10K after nearly 500 steers stolen from Texas ranch

Reward increased to $10K after nearly 500 steers stolen from Texas ranch


The reward for information that leads to an arrest or indictment has been increased to $10,000 after a herd of 489 steers were stolen from a ranch in eastern Clay County, which is just east of Wichita County and Wichita Falls. The cattle were taken between November 2018 and August, but because of the size of the rancher’s herd, he didn’t discover they were missing until shipping the remainder of his cattle, the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association said in a press release.

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Marketing strategies for beef cattle producers

Marketing strategies for beef cattle producers

Jeff Smith

The Connection

It is important to look at your calves, weigh your calves and know what you have to sell.  Most cow-calf producers only sell calves a few times a year, so they do not get much practice in guessing the weights.

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Remove Net Wrap From Forages

Remove Net Wrap From Forages

North Dakota State University

Producers should remove net wrap before feeding forages to their livestock. Cattle may eat the net wrap if it’s not removed. Eating excessive amounts of net wrap can result in livestock illness and deaths.

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Q&A: Sara Place of NCBA

Q&A: Sara Place of NCBA

Dave Kurns

Successful Farming

If you haven’t heard Sara Place speak, you should. This researcher with the National Cattleman’s Beef Association is bright, funny, and quick to call out a false statement or anti-beef comment when the time is right.

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Is Improving Beef Quality Free?

Is Improving Beef Quality Free?

Gilda V. Bryant

The Cattleman

Genomics, the study of the entire set of genes in living organisms, such as beef cattle, has allowed producers to examine DNA profiles and calculate expected progeny differences (EPDs). Genetically enhanced-EPDs (GE-EPDs) have added to the power and precision of selection tools when using genomic technology.

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Nutrition needs to be vital part of winter feeding

Nutrition needs to be vital part of winter feeding

Barbara Duckworth

The Western Producer

Producers should consider the cost of protein per ton and the amount of protein in a given feed. Feed may be cheaper by the ton but if it has less protein there is reduced benefit.

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Rally speakers issue warning to cattle producers

Rally speakers issue warning to cattle producers

Ken Anderson

Brownfield Network

Several speakers at Wednesday’s rally for fair cattle markets in Omaha warned that the cattle industry could go the way of hogs and poultry.  Chris Peterson, an independent pork producer from Iowa, told the 500 people in attendance that what happened to the pork industry in the 90’s could happen to them.

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Nebraska Farm Bureau Suggests Cattle Market Reforms to USDA

Nebraska Farm Bureau Suggests Cattle Market Reforms to USDA

Craig Head


Beef producers’ concerns about the potential for anti-competitive actions in cattle markets heightened after a July fire at a Tyson meat processing facility in Holcomb, Kan. with producers seeing prices paid for cattle drop while meatpackers made significant profits. Nebraska Farm Bureau had urged, and USDA stepped forward, in investigating the situation under the powers given to the agency under the federal Packers and Stockyards Act; the long-standing legislation targeted to eliminating anti-competitive measures in livestock markets.

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