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Calving Starts Earlier When Temps Are High

Calving Starts Earlier When Temps Are High

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

Most printed gestation tables for beef cattle will tell you calving takes between 283 and 285 days. What those tables don’t mention is how temperature can shorten up gestation times in both cows and heifers.

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What’s in your hay?

What’s in your hay?

Ted Wiseman

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

Forages analyzed from this year indicate that quality is going to be an issue again.  Many of the first cutting samples from this year have protein levels in the single digits and total digestible nutrient (TDN) levels, in the 30s and 40s.  To put this into perspective straw has a crude protein level around 4 percent and TDN levels between 25-55.  To make matters worse we have an extremely low supply of forages and straw this year.

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How to hire the right replacement heifers for your job

How to hire the right replacement heifers for your job

R.S. Walker

Beef Magazine

As we know, reproductive traits are very lowly heritable; 10% controlled by genetics and the other 90% controlled by management and environment. This forces us to be intentional managers within the environment we live. Being better managers naturally forces us to use more data to make decisions that can improve fertility responses from good nutritional management.

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4 Benefits of Attending Conferences in Your Industry

4 Benefits of Attending Conferences in Your Industry

Lisa Laporte

In our time, there exist numerous professional conferences organized with themes of propagating growth and development in different industries. Such conferences are a great opportunity for businesses and professionals to network and grow themselves beyond their existing markets.

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CattleCon Survival guide

CattleCon Survival guide

Ag Writer Markie

Registering BEFORE January 3, 2020 will ensure you have discounted rates for all registration. This gives you more money to spend while you’re out on the town in San Antonio. Registering early means booking your hotel room early as well. Part of #CattleCon is being able to stay where most members are staying! When I was an ambassador in 2018(Phoenix) I met so many cool people after convention was over in the hotel lobby. This is a great way to network. Rooms fill up quickly and partnering hotels provide discounted fares. You must reserve before January 10, 2020.

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Tips to manage harvest controllables

Tips to manage harvest controllables

Alicia Nguyen

Progressive Dairy

Proper silage harvest management is the key to quality feed all year long. We can’t always control or manage all aspects of harvest, but there are several we can. With forage inventories being low this year, it is more important than ever to make sure that the aspects of silage harvest we can manage, we do well.

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Groups urge USDA to establish foot-and-mouth disease vaccine bank

Groups urge USDA to establish foot-and-mouth disease vaccine bank


Three agriculture organizations called on the USDA to “move as quickly as possible to establish a Foot-and-Mouth Disease vaccine bank at a press conference at Iowa State University Tuesday.

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