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Baxter Black, DVM:  Back to Nature

Baxter Black, DVM:  Back to Nature

Harold has been dismantling his feedlot.  He built it over 40 years ago and eventually achieved a 30,000 head capacity.

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Cattle Handling and Carcass Value

Cattle Handling and Carcass Value

Steve Boyles

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

Utilization of proper cattle handling is key. It can eliminate carcass bruising and the presence of dark cutters. Although the industry has observed a decrease in the presence of carcass bruising according to the 2016 National Beef Quality Audit results, the “2016 Lost Opportunities in Beef Production” publication indicated that carcass bruising cost the industry approximately $62.15 million. Additionally, the presence of dark cutters cost the beef industry $132 million.

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Help Wanted: Four-legged livestock handler

Help Wanted: Four-legged livestock handler

Bruce Derksen

Canadian Cattlemen

At times, work on the farm and ranch appears never-ending, so when something comes along to make things easier, it’s usually worth a second look. Ken MacKenzie of Drayton Valley, Alta., has a solution to this labour dilemma as he has been raising border collies and using them around his ranch for years.

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Is it worth feeding your cows this winter?

Is it worth feeding your cows this winter?

Alberta Farmer

“The question is, is it even feasible to keep cows?” said Ted Nibourg, a farm business management specialist at the Alberta Ag-Info Centre. “Some are liquidating their entire herds. Others are culling heavily, and many are trying to find economical ways of maintaining them.”

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Growing demand in China dominates global beef trade

Growing demand in China dominates global beef trade


America’s trade war with China has been of concern to many agricultural producers, agribusiness operators and economic analysts, and that includes those with the U.S. beef industry, where increasing U.S. market share in China has been a goal.

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Cover Crop Selection

Cover Crop Selection

Dave Rahe

Observations in Agriculture

Cover crops are being widely promoted and slowly adopted. Farmers don’t doubt the benefits covers play in soil health, but often question the economic prospects of planting one and if there will be a return.

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Protein supplements may be needed for mature, dry forages.

Protein supplements may be needed for mature, dry forages.

Heather Smith Thomas

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

In fall and winter, most native forages and tame pastures are low in protein. Many stockmen try to extend grazing as long as possible because winter feeding is the most expensive part of raising cattle. Adding a protein supplement to mature, dry pastures is generally cheaper than feeding hay.

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Cattle Price Discovery Focus

Cattle Price Discovery Focus

Jerry Hagstrom

Ohio Country Journal

At a Senate Agriculture Committee hearing on the meat industry Wednesday, a representative of the U.S. Cattlemen’s Association said that price discovery for cattle needs to be improved, while other meat interests said the most important goal for Congress should be approval of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement on trade.

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How to market calves in up and down price cycles

How to market calves in up and down price cycles

Harlan Hughes
Beef Magazine

Over those six years (2009-14), my data suggest a six-year average profit of $256 per cow per year. This compares to a six-year profit of $189 average per cow per year by selling at weaning. Selling backgrounded calves added another 20% profit per cow.

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Why The Beef And Dairy Industries Are On A Cow Path to Oblivion

Why The Beef And Dairy Industries Are On A Cow Path to Oblivion

Hank Cardello


Cows and the industries that depend on them are on very rough terrain. The beef and dairy sectors need to start paying far more attention to the environmental and obesity impacts of their products and production processes. If they don’t, they will face declining fortunes and irrelevancy. Yet that’s a fate they can begin reversing now if they take the right steps.

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