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Baxter Black, DVM:   Rich Farming: 

Baxter Black, DVM:   Rich Farming: 

If wheat gets up to seven bucks

I’ll hoard it, yessiree

Till the grain bin’s overflowin’

Or it gets back down to three.

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Early grazing strategies pay later dividends

Early grazing strategies pay later dividends

Jesse Bussard

Hay and Forage Grower

When it comes to prepping for winter survival and spring regrowth of forages, fall is the most important among the four seasons. During this period, plants store energy reserves in the form of carbohydrates and proteins in their crowns and roots. This is also the time shoots and growing points form on plants. Subsequently, as temperatures become cooler and daylight hours lessen, nutrient uptake also slows.

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Experts Weigh in on the Importance of Feet and Legs in Bull Selection

Experts Weigh in on the Importance of Feet and Legs in Bull Selection
Katie Roberti

California Cattleman

It’s that time of year again where bull sales will quickly be filling up the days on the calendar, and cow-calf producers will be out on the road looking to buy quality bulls to add to their herds from. California’s premier seeds tock producers. No matter what type of bulls you may be in the market for this year, the importance of selecting breeding stock with structurally sound feet and legs is only becoming more talked about and more of a topic of discussion every day on the ranch as well as within the industry.

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Successful Weaning: Tried-and-True Transition Strategies

Successful Weaning: Tried-and-True Transition Strategies

Kevin Hill, D. V.M.,

Beefmaster Payweight

Fall feedlot success starts long before calves arrive at the feedyard. Pre-shipment management on the ranch is truly the only way to adequately prepare calves fc the changes awaiting them after weaning. In addition to optimizing feedlot health and performance, the best prepared calves will result in the biggest return to the ranch. Because calf buyers want the healthiest calves, providing them with a certified history of health management procedures, especially one verified by your veterinarian, can result in a $15 to $35 per head premium paid by buyers.

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Don’t Underestimate the Value of a Crossbred Cow

Don’t Underestimate the Value of a Crossbred Cow

Tonya Amen

Profit Picture

The use of crossbred females is especially important because some of the largest impacts are on traits related to female productivity (maternal ability and reproduction). Crossbred females are expected to have a younger age at puberty, a quicker return to estrus postpartum, more longevity in the herd as well as being superior for most other measures of fertility. This is called direct hybrid vigor.

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Hard Work Beats Talent

Hard Work Beats Talent

Christy Couch Lee

Hereford World

Whether on the diamond or in the ring, Major League Baseball pitcher Locke St. John says success on game day comes from following one simple rule. A Hereford cattleman and professional baseball player, Locke combined his two passions into the life of his dreams. It has not been without hard work and dedication, but, he says, the youth of the Hereford industry can capture their dreams, too, if they never quit.

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Planting alternative grasses that can handle lots of rain

Planting alternative grasses that can handle lots of rain

Alayna DeMartini

The Ohio State University

Like many of us, farm animals want to eat what they’re used to. And because livestock are not adventurous eaters, farmers have to train them to try something new by limiting their access to the food they’re most familiar with.

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