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Pricing Standing Forage in the Field

Pricing Standing Forage in the Field

Mark Sulc

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

How to value a standing hay crop is challenging. Assigning an appropriate value includes the buyer and seller agreeing on the market value for the hay and then adjusting for harvest costs and other factors that contribute to the price of hay sold in the open market, some of which are challenging to quantify.

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Digital dermatitis not just a dairy problem

Digital dermatitis not just a dairy problem

Dr. Ron Clarke

Canadian Cattlemen

Acute active digital dermatitis lesions can cause pain and lameness in cattle. It can become a significant production problem and a serious animal welfare issue in both beef and dairy herds. While DD is most frequently seen in dairy herds, beef herds are no longer immune. Feedlot cattle are especially susceptible. The key to controlling DD is to prevent outbreaks and spread of the disease within herds once it appears.

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Simmental’s Steve McGuire announces his retirement

Simmental’s Steve McGuire announces his retirement

Dr. Bob Hough

Western Livestock Journal

It takes many people with various skills to make a breed association work. One of these impactful people who have had a significant positive influence on both the American Simmental Association (ASA) and the entire beef industry is Steve McGuire.

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‘Beef Production and the Working Cow Dog’ meeting

‘Beef Production and the Working Cow Dog’ meeting

Rod Schaub

Kansas State University

K-State Research and Extension Coffey County and the Frontier Extension District together will host a meeting, “Beef Production and the Working Cow Dog” Oct. 8 in Williamsburg, Kansas. The meeting starts at 10:00 a.m. at the Williamsburg Community Building.

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Bull basics vital for beef cattle operations

Bull basics vital for beef cattle operations

Wendy Mussoline

Daytona Beach News Journal

Buying a bull is much like buying a truck — you must have clearly defined goals and be willing to spend a chunk of change.  For natural breeding operations, the general rule of thumb is to have one bull per 25 cows and to get those cows bred within a 60- to 90-day breeding season.

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Rumen Microbes the New Hot Topic of Cattle Nutrition Research

Rumen Microbes the New Hot Topic of Cattle Nutrition Research

Brittany Bowman

Bovine Veterinarian

When we consider cow health, we have traditionally focused on the cow.  However, researchers are increasingly drawing attention to microbial populations within the cow. “We think of it in terms of cows,” says Ted Perry, a Purina Animal Nutrition cattle nutritionist.  “I think we need to think of it in terms of rumen microbes.”

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Parasites may be the problem when weight gain is poor

Parasites may be the problem when weight gain is poor

Roy Lewis Dvm

Alberta Farm Express

This season has really turned around in Western Canada in terms of moisture. This has seen the pastures shoot up, humidity run up and should lead to optimal survival of internal parasite larvae. If turnout to pasture occurred at normal times, maximum picking up of larvae has or is occurring so internal levels will be at about their highest.

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