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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 revised Extension cow body condition scores

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 revised Extension cow body condition scores


#10. Wow, is that a …  a cow?

#9. Wedged in chute.

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Management Considerations for Backgrounding Calves

Management Considerations for Backgrounding Calves

Steve Boyles

Ohio Beef Letter
Backgrounding is the growing of steers and heifers from weaning until they enter the feedlot for finishing.  Backgrounding and Stocker cattle are similar although backgrounding is sometimes associated with a drylot, and stockering cattle is thought of as pasture-based system.

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Silage Pad Construction

Silage Pad Construction

Rick Stowell

University of Nebraska

“What material should I use for my new silage pad?” is probably a question most producers ask once a decade at most, but it is an important decision for maintaining an efficient feeding program.  Asphalt (e.g. ‘blacktop’) generally can be poured for lower upfront cost and holds up well when exposed to the acids in silage leachate, but is not as durable as concrete otherwise.

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The Sex Life of the Screwworm Fly: How an Odd-Sounding Study Saved Ranchers Billions

The Sex Life of the Screwworm Fly: How an Odd-Sounding Study Saved Ranchers Billions

Kathy Voth

On Pasture

Providing scientists with funding to spend hours watching flies in breeding cages might seem like a waste of money. And in fact, Raymond C. Bushland and Edward F. Knipling, were often ridiculed, and were the butt of many jokes.

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Post-Mortem in a Feedlot Heifer

Post-Mortem in a Feedlot Heifer

John Maday

Bovine Veterinarian

These images show a calf-fed heifer that had been on feed for 130 days, with no previous treatment history, when first treated for signs of respiratory distress on May 24. The feedlot pulled the calf again on May 27 for retreatment and again on May 29, but the heifer died on May 31.

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Grass-Cast provides forage forecast scenarios for ranchers

Grass-Cast provides forage forecast scenarios for ranchers

Jenny Schlecht


Dannele Peck, director of the USDA’s Northern Plains Climate Hub, said that in the past, climate scientists would tell ranchers the precipitation outlook for the next few months. But telling them that there was a 40% chance of below average precipitation wasn’t overly helpful.

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Technology for Sorting Cattle

Technology for Sorting Cattle

Justin Sexten


When you read the title and consider emerging agriculture technology, I suspect you think about the latest sensors, machine learning algorithms or even robotic cowboys sorting cattle. Technology in the simplest form is the application of knowledge for a practical purpose.

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