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Baxter Black, DVM:  Trolling For Buffalo

Baxter Black, DVM:  Trolling For Buffalo

Buffalo Bob took the call on his cellular phone.  I caught the last of the conversation, “and if that don’t work try a shot.  No . . . not a tranquilizer, a 30-30.  At least you’ll be able to eat the meat.”

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Use nutritional strategies for starting calves

Use nutritional strategies for starting calves

Twig Marston

Ag Update

In the cattle business there are few things as rewarding as weaned calves and newly arrived feeder cattle having a good start. The first 30 to 45 days after weaning or commingling can set the tone for lifelong calf health, performance and profitability.

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Improvements have been made in ear tag retention

Improvements have been made in ear tag retention

Roy Lewis, DVM

The Western Producer

Developers have gone through lots of growing pains and are starting to fine-tune the system. Producers are deriving more benefits from using the farm management systems linked to readers and scales, which are based on the ability to read the RFID tags. From lost animals to identification at export to transport to traceability, a lot hinges on the tag being present so they can be read by scanners.

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Dry-aged beef from 12-year-old cows a tender hit with high-end chefs

Dry-aged beef from 12-year-old cows a tender hit with high-end chefs

Margot Kelly


Most beef you eat comes from around two-year-old cattle. But some Australian farmers are putting age front and centre, with brands like Vintage Beef and Old Cow betting consumers will spend more on older animals otherwise destined for pet food and hamburgers.

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Plant cool-season grasses in September, says MU Extension forage agronomist

Plant cool-season grasses in September, says MU Extension forage agronomist

Craig Roberts

University of Missouri

“Plant cool-season grasses in September,” says Craig Roberts, University of Missouri Extension forage agronomist. “The earlier the better.” Early planting lets seedlings put down roots to start growth before frost. New plantings must store energy for spring growth.

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Making the Most from Your Corn Silage Crop

Making the Most from Your Corn Silage Crop

Anna-Lisa Laca


In Florida, Luiz Ferraretto, assistant professor of livestock nutrition at the University of Florida, said much of Florida’s spring silage harvest is now complete, and it yielded a very good crop. However, many parts of the Midwest had a very different experience with corn planting this year. Moving toward harvest season, it’ll be important to make the most out of your corn silage.

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Adjuvants: The biggest variable in a vaccine

Adjuvants: The biggest variable in a vaccine

Dr. Keith Wilson

Ag Daily

There are two basic ingredients in killed vaccines: antigens and adjuvants. While antigens are well understood, there’s far less understanding of the critical role adjuvants play in vaccines’ ability to do their job.

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