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Fall calving – worth the off-season plunge?

Fall calving – worth the off-season plunge?

Heather Smith Thomas

Progressive Cattle

There are advantages and disadvantages to every calving season; producers need to figure out what works best for their own climate and management system. Dr. George Barrington, Washington State University, says the advantages and disadvantages to fall calving are partly geographic, with regional and management differences. “Some producers in the Intermountain West have successful fall-calving programs, even though it might work best in a milder climate,” he says.

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Why Consider Backgrounding a Calf?

Why Consider Backgrounding a Calf?

Stan Smith

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

Typically, when feed prices go down, we see feeder calf prices begin to climb as a corresponding move. That is, unless fed cattle prices are unstable or declining. A fire in a Kansas cattle packing plant just before a report detailing that the U.S. might have planted more acres of corn than earlier anticipated caused the perfect storm that allowed pressure on feeder calf prices at the same time as declining feed prices.

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Coyotes Can Protect Your Livestock From Predators

Coyotes Can Protect Your Livestock From Predators

Randy Comeleo

On Pasture

Livestock losses are an unfortunate reality of ranching and the use of traps and snares is a common way to attempt to reduce predator-livestock conflict. However, one USDA study (Shivik et al. 2003) noted that for many types of predators, there is a paradoxical relationship between the number of predators removed and the number of livestock killed. Surprisingly, these researchers found that as more predators were removed, more livestock were killed.

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Bunk Management and Feed Delivery

Bunk Management and Feed Delivery


When it comes to nutritional management of growing and finishing cattle, the scientific aspects tend to get the most attention.

What’s in your (stock) water?

What’s in your (stock) water?

Beef Research

Beef producers often worry about having too much water or not enough on their farms. However water quality, particularly in fluctuating stock water sources, may go unnoticed. As the summer wears on, evaporation, low rainfall, and consumption can cause the quantity and quality of surface water to dwindle. Meanwhile, hot and dry conditions cause cattle to be at their peak water demand.

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Range Beef Cow Symposium Registration Now Open

Range Beef Cow Symposium Registration Now Open

University of Nebraska

The Range Beef Cow Symposium will be held November 18-20 in Mitchell, NE at the Scotts Bluff County fairgrounds. The format is slightly different this year. In the afternoon of November 18, we will be offering Beef Quality Assurance Certification and a Ron Gill stockmanship clinic.

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This Is the Beginning of the End of the Beef Industry

This Is the Beginning of the End of the Beef Industry



Editor’s note: Stories of this ilk are included in the blog to inform those in our industry how agriculture is being presented to and perceived by the public.

There’s a famous Gandhi aphorism about how movements progress: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” That was actually written by the Workshop on Nonviolence Institute as a summary of Gandhi’s philosophy, but regardless, it’s remarkable how often it accurately describes the evolution of causes, from legal cannabis to gay marriage.

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