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Low-Stress Weaning

Low-Stress Weaning

Whit Hibbard

On Pasture

A lot of producers look forward to weaning with nothing but dread because it’s so often a bad experience for them, their cows, and sometimes their facilities. Many producers can tell stories about their corrals being torn down by the cows post-weaning, and not being able to sleep for three or four nights after weaning due to bawling cows and calves.

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Today’s youth train to become tomorrow’s beef cattle producers 

Today’s youth train to become tomorrow’s beef cattle producers 

Laura Muntean

AgriLife Today

“One goal for our youth track is to allow students to have a hands-on experience with the beef industry,” said Victoria Heller, youth track co-facilitator and Texas Beef Council industry outreach manager, Austin.

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Capturing Hybrid Vigor in Cattle

Capturing Hybrid Vigor in Cattle

Raylene Nickel

Successful Farming

Capturing the benefits of maximum heterosis is the breeding goal at J. Davis Cattle, Westminster, South Carolina. Heterosis is that hybrid vigor resulting from crossbreeding. It can result in enhanced performance in traits such as growth, fertility, longevity, and disease resistance.

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Retained Ownership 2019

Retained Ownership 2019

Greg Henderson


Each marketing year is different, and 2019 has certainly created some extreme challenges for cattlemen and grain producers alike. Interestingly, this year’s hurdles might have created new opportunities.

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Could fake meat burgers make cows obsolete?

Could fake meat burgers make cows obsolete?



A new generation of burgers made with, “plant meat” is vying to topple the beef burger from its throne, transforming the beef industry and the way we eat in the process. One industry pioneer foresees a not-too-distant future where we get the bulk, if not all, of our protein from plants, not animals.

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The Economic of Packing Plant Fires and Cattle Prices

The Economic of Packing Plant Fires and Cattle Prices

Jayson Lusk


The packers may well be making more money, but these economic effects are exactly what one would expect even in a perfectly competitive market. It’s the first week of school here at Purdue, so I thought I’d get a little wonky and walk through some basic supply-demand graphs related to the so-called marketing margin.

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Bill Wilson:  Lifetime of work earns Angus win for producer

Bill Wilson:  Lifetime of work earns Angus win for producer

Barbara Duckworth

Western Producer

Editors Note:  Angus icon Bill Wilson passed away this weekend. Bill was a leader in the industry, and a master stockman.  I have included this tribute to Bill that appeared in The Western Producer.

A long-time producer of several breeds of cattle, Wilson has shown champions across the United States. During the 1988 Denver show, Wilson Cattle Company won three grand championships with Shorthorn, Angus and Charolais entries. No one else has ever repeated that feat.

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