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Young producer uses drylot as an alternative to summer pasture

Young producer uses drylot as an alternative to summer pasture

Cassidy Woolsey

Progressive Cattle

Most beginning cattlemen would get discouraged when paying $400 a pair in pasture leases only to get $1.40 for 5-weight steers. And, on top of that, staying up-to-date with loan payments and the daily expenses that accrue when raising cattle.

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Opening the gate to virtual fencing

Opening the gate to virtual fencing

Joy Hendrix

Progressive Forage

The constant trade-off between time and money management is a never-ending battle for producers. Fencing can be a particularly tough decision on whether to spend more money on materials or spend the long, hard hours fixing something that will inevitably be knocked down again.

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Coach’s Neighborhood Grill Serves up Smiles with Certified Hereford Beef

Coach’s Neighborhood Grill Serves up Smiles with Certified Hereford Beef

Hereford World

What started out as an idea on family vacation has turned into a chain of Coach’s Neighborhood Grill restaurants for owners William and Stacey Hodge. While eating at a burger joint that was “just okay,” William and Stacey decided they wanted to create a restaurant concept that would provide locals in small communities a place to call their own and serve the best burgers in town. The way that best burger is possible? Certified Hereford Beef® (CHB).

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Beef is Big Business

Beef is Big Business

Dr. Andrew Griffith

University of Tennessee

Beef is big business, but just how big of a business is it? Through the first 27 weeks of 2019, weekly average federally inspected beef production was 502.6 million pounds. This weekly average production has resulted in 13.57 billion pounds of beef being produced through federally inspected facilities during the stated time period. This also sets the pace for 2019 total beef production to come in around 26.65 billion pounds.

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Caryl Velisek, Active Angus Promoter, Dedicated Journalist Passes

Caryl Velisek, Active Angus Promoter, Dedicated Journalist Passes

. . . She was also very much devoted to Agriculture and the promotion of its virtues. She wrote for the DelMarVa Farmer for many years both as a reporter and guest columnist. She wrote articles for various other Ag publications. She served as secretary of the Pennsylvania and Maryland Angus Associations for many years and was a Lifetime Member of the American Angus Association. She also served on and was President of the Maryland Beef Council board and was President of the Maryland Angus Women’s Club.

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The Importance of County Fairs

The Importance of County Fairs

Shelia Grobosky

Farm Journal

One of the best attributes to the Dawes County Fair, according to Sam, is its ability and desire to bring in high-quality judges who are relevant to the industry and take time to teach their youth. Since most kids in the county bring in home-raised animals, she said she appreciates that their livestock committee and fair board does find judges who are industry savvy and take time with the kids who have devoted much of the spring and summer to their projects.

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Tackling the economics of young calf respiratory disease

Tackling the economics of young calf respiratory disease

Feedlot Magazine

Protecting calves from respiratory disease can be a positive for animal well-being and bottom line. Calving season is approaching in fall calving areas and getting those calves off to a healthy start is top of mind for cattle producers. Preventing respiratory disease is not only best for overall animal health and productivity, but recent studies demonstrate there can be an economic benefit for the cow/calf operation.

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