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US-China trade war is hurting farmers, but they’re sticking with Trump

US-China trade war is hurting farmers, but they’re sticking with Trump

Kevin Breuninger, John W. Schoen


President Donald Trump may be a resort-dwelling real estate magnate who entered politics via golden escalator, but even a trade war with China hasn’t tarnished his image as a champion for an unlikely group: farmers and ranchers.

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Beef product seasonality

Beef product seasonality

Derrell S. Peel


Most agricultural markets exhibit regular patterns of prices through the year, known as seasonal patterns. Price seasonality reflects the net effect of seasonal tendencies in both supply and demand. In the cattle and beef industry, widely varying seasonal price patterns exist for all classes of cattle as well as for each of the many beef products produced in the industry. Some seasonal patterns have shifted in recent years with evolving exports markets, etc. The following discussion is based on average seasonal price indexes for Choice beef primals and wholesale products over the past three years (2016-2018).

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Use of BioPRYN to Determine Pregnancy Status and Assign Calving Groups

Use of BioPRYN to Determine Pregnancy Status and Assign Calving Groups

North Dakota State Uniersity

NDSU researchers compare pregnancy diagnosis via transrectal ultrasound with pregnancy detection via the BioPRYN system to determine pregnancy status and whether BioPRYN is a useful tool for beef producers to group cows according to predicted calving date.

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Bagged Silage vs. Silage Bunkers & Piles

Bagged Silage vs. Silage Bunkers & Piles

Micah Most

University of Nebraska

Making silage is an effective way for many producers to best use the resources available to their operation. However, for some, spoilage and shrink can result in significant loss that can greatly increase the cost of silage fed and impact animal performance. Bagging of silage offers flexibility for operations of all sizes to produce silage while potentially reducing spoilage and shrink loss.

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What Makes A Bull Worth $ Millions?

What Makes A Bull Worth $ Millions?

Greg Henderson


On a cold February day in North Dakota this year, an Angus bull named SAV America 8018 sold for a world record price of $1.51 million. Sold at Schaff Angus Valley’s annual production sale at the ranch near Saint Anthony, N.D., the bull’s hefty price suggests his genetics are superior. But what could possibly make a bull worth that much money, you ask?

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Why are we in this business

Why are we in this business

Burke Teichert

Beef Magazine

Lately I have thought a lot about the reasons people give for being in the ranching or farming business. Then sometimes I wonder is it really a business or a hobby or an unpleasant job that someone happened to land in. We often hear of farm or ranch families that discourage their children from considering it as a career—long hours, hard work, poor financial return, no time off and more.

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Marketing Cattle: Preconditioning of Beef Cattle

Marketing Cattle: Preconditioning of Beef Cattle

Mario Villarino

Front Porch News

As I returned from the 2019 Beef Short Course in College Station, two things caught my attention and kept me interested in sharing with you today: 1) the importance of global markets in beef prices and 2) our job to maintain those markets open and fluid (keeping sales up). Marketing of cattle is one of those things that require ranchers attention to make sure you are producing a commodity (cattle) that people (consumers) can or want to buy.

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America’s Obsession With Beef Is Killing Leather

America’s Obsession With Beef Is Killing Leather

Lydia Mulvany Denitsa Tsekova

Bloomberg Business

U.S. consumers are eating more beef, more than they have in a decade. But a byproduct of this carnivorous hankering is piling up, unloved and unwanted. Shoppers who once coveted leather jackets and shoes are instead scooping up cheaper, synthetic alternatives, reflecting a growing ambivalence toward this former staple of American closets.

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Fire forces evacuation at Tyson meat plant in Kansas

Fire forces evacuation at Tyson meat plant in Kansas


About 1,200 workers were evacuated from a Tyson Fresh Meats plant in Holcomb, Kansas, after a fire broke out Friday night, officials said. There were no injuries, said Sgt. Lana Urteaga of the Garden City Police Department. Employees of Finney County Emergency Management and the Sheriff’s Office also responded.

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Rotational Grazing Benefits Cattle Herd

Rotational Grazing Benefits Cattle Herd

Linda Geist


Twenty-five years ago, Brian Pemberton bought acreage filled with thorn trees, scrub brush and multiflora roses. The only water source was a frog pond. The land needed four things: a road, buildings, fences and water.

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