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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 reasons to keep that cow one more year

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 reasons to keep that cow one more year


#10. To cull her, you’d have to catch her first.

#9. She was your dad’s first 4-H project.

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Nutrients lost: Hay versus grazing

Nutrients lost: Hay versus grazing

Woody Lane

Progressive Forage

Here’s a question I hear a lot: How much soil fertility does grazing remove from pastures compared to hay? To ask this another way: If I graze a flock of sheep on the field and then sell the lambs, do those lambs and ewes remove as many soil nutrients as when I make hay or balage from that field?

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First Female Manager Takes Over Oklahoma National Stockyards

First Female Manager Takes Over Oklahoma National Stockyards

Clayton Cummings

News 9

For over a century, men have served as the general manager of the Oklahoma National Stockyards. This year, that came to an end.  Kelli Payne, 43, became the Stockyards’ first female general manager in its 109-year history. Payne took leadership in April. “They’ve known me since I was a little kid and they know I am not afraid to work,” said Payne. “You clean a lot of tanks, you scrape a lot of manure out of the pens, it all just pays off.”

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What can your veterinarian do for your reproductive management program?

What can your veterinarian do for your reproductive management program?

Jordan Thomas, Rachael Bonacker

Progressive Cattle

As a producer, a veterinarian is someone you can call to help with emergency situations and yearly herd health decisions like vaccinations and parasite control. But with years of school and training, he or she can do much more, especially in the field of reproduction. From heifer development to pregnancy diagnosis, a veterinarian can provide reproductive services to your operation that will likely yield you a higher profit margin.

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Fear and Volatility Rule

Fear and Volatility Rule

Cassie Fish

Beef Read

The global, tit-for-tat trade war continues to escalate and sent all agricultural and equity markets sharply lower early today. In the modern day of computer-generated orders and momentum trading it is the perfect environment to incite panic and abandon reason. At least for a while.

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Progress in Johne’s Disease Vaccine

Progress in Johne’s Disease Vaccine

Jan Suszkiw

Angus Beef Bulletin

A team of Agricultural Research Service (ARS) and university scientists is investigating a new “ingredient” for use in vaccinating cattle against Johne’s disease, a chronic wasting affliction that costs the U.S. dairy industry more than $200 million per year.

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Proper Vaccine Storage Is Critical To Disease Protection

Proper Vaccine Storage Is Critical To Disease Protection

Glenn Selk


Producers cannot afford to overlook the importance of how they store vaccine and handle it prior to injection. ( OCA )

Each year cow calf producers spend thousands of dollars for vaccine products to immunize calves, replacement heifers, and adult cows and bulls.

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Do not pass go: Farmers, livestock sales and Facebook jail

Do not pass go: Farmers, livestock sales and Facebook jail

Sarah Donkin

Farm and Dairy

In the past, Facebook policies have forbidden selling animals in groups and Facebook’s Marketplace, but many farmers got away with selling in groups dedicated to livestock, or ran official business pages, where they could pay to advertise their animals.

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Family Farmer Relief Act passes Senate and House

Family Farmer Relief Act passes Senate and House


Before adjourning for the August in-district work period, the U.S. Senate passed Rep. Antonio Delgado’s bipartisan legislation to ease the process of reorganizing debt through Chapter 12 bankruptcy — a move to assist farmers during this down farm economy. The Family Farmer Relief Act now awaits President Donald Trump’s signature.

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I Am Angus: Jordy Nelson

I Am Angus: Jordy Nelson

Jordy Nelson, acclaimed wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers, shows us around his family’s Angus ranch near Leonardville, Kan.