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Baxter Black, DVM:  The Anti-Smoking Device

Baxter Black, DVM:  The Anti-Smoking Device

Many years ago, Dr. Erfan called to tell me his story. He’d spent seventeen years inventing and testing a device to help people quit smoking.

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The First 42 Days Post-Breeding

The First 42 Days Post-Breeding

Kindra Gordon

Angus Journal

Perhaps you’ve bred cows for years, but do you know the stages of embryo development in the first 42 days after fertilization? Did you realize that it takes two weeks before the cow recognizes she’s pregnant? Have you considered what role nutrition plays on pregnancy immediately before and after a cow is bred?

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Extended Grazing

Extended Grazing

Beef Cattle Research Council

Methods to extend the grazing season, including stockpiled perennial forages, use of annual forages, crop residues, and bales left in the field, have considerable economic and environmental benefits over traditional winter-feeding systems.

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US meat industry praises EU beef deal progress

US meat industry praises EU beef deal progress

Aidan Fortune

Global Meat News

Under the deal, agreed in June​ but signed today (2 Aug), the US will be able to nearly triple its annual duty-free exports of non-hormone beef to the EU over the next seven years. American producers will have an initial duty-free tariff rate quota (TRQ) of 18,500 metric tons annually, valued at approximately $220m.  Over seven years, the TRQ will grow to 35,000 metric tons annually, valued at approximately $420mn.

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Students and Cattle Thrive in Educational Environment 

Students and Cattle Thrive in Educational Environment 

Brandi Buzzard Frobose

Red Angus News

The campus of Jones College in Ellisville, Mississippi, is peppered with all the conventional trappings of a community college – backpack-laden students, sports fields and a lake with a walking trail. However, Tim Ishee, Jones College graduate and instructor for more than 32 years, is quick to point out that the crown jewel of Jones College is none other than its agriculture program.

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Calf Scours: Causes, Prevention and Treatment

Calf Scours: Causes, Prevention and Treatment

Wyatt Bechtel

Calf scours causes more financial losses to cow-calf producers than any other health problem in their herds. Calf scours is not a single disease; it is a clinical sign associated with several diseases characterized by diarrhea.

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Red thing is the real thing

Red thing is the real thing

Dr. Nevil Speer


May is Beef Month, but some of the spotlight this year had to be shared with Beyond Meat (ticker BYND). The company staged the most successful IPO since the financial crisis. BYND was initially valued at $25 per share; the stock soared out of the gate and has traded as high as $96. As I’m writing this, shares are trading around $80, establishing the company’s market cap just north of $4.5 billion.

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