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If it’s August, it’s time to stockpile

If it’s August, it’s time to stockpile

Mike Rankin

Hay and Forage Grower

For the grazing operation, advanced planning this time of year usually entails a strategy for stockpiling a portion of your perennial pastures. This will provide an invaluable forage resource in late fall and early winter.  Stockpiling forage is the practice of letting existing perennial pastures grow through the late summer and early fall. It’s the equivalent of putting hay in the barn or haylage in the bunker.

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Checkoff’s Impact Continues to Climb – Study Shows Industry Receives $11.91 for Every Dollar Spent

Checkoff’s Impact Continues to Climb – Study Shows Industry Receives $11.91 for Every Dollar Spent

Oklahoma Farm Report

Dr. Harry Kaiser is a professor of economics at Cornell University and has been engaged over the years with the Beef Checkoff, conducting economic analyses of the program to determine the return on investment generated through its various marketing and promotional activities.

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Managing for Reproductive Success

Managing for Reproductive Success

Jenna Stevens

Angus Journal

As a producer it’s up to you to develop a plan to help those cows achieve maximum reproductive performance and to set them up to be successful for the next breeding season. If you haven’t thought this far ahead, now is an ideal time to look at management practices that can reduce the number of open cows in your herd and ensure long-term reproductive outcomes.

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AgriLife Extension offers 12-week online training for new agriculture businesses

AgriLife Extension offers 12-week online training for new agriculture businesses

Kay Ledbetter

Southern Livestock

“This curriculum is perfect for new landowners or those who are looking to start a new agricultural operation on an existing ranch,” said Dr. Megan Clayton, AgriLife Extension range specialist, Corpus Christi. “With more and more people venturing into new areas of agribusiness, we want to provide them with access to experts in the areas that will be critical to their success.”

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Improved design applied to cattle handling equipment

Improved design applied to cattle handling equipment

Roy Lewis, DVM

Canadian Cattlemen

For three weeks in December 2018, I filled in at a former practice. There were a few really positive things and improvements in many of the farms I visited previously. Most are progressive operators so improvements are always being made. These improve animal welfare and make it easier on the people involved — including me, the veterinarian.

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Red poll cattle breeder gone but not forgotten

Red poll cattle breeder gone but not forgotten

Stan Maddux

Prairie Farmer

He could be viewed as the Babe Ruth of breeding red poll cattle. More than 30 years have passed since the late Marshall Mohler put the Pinney-Purdue research farm in Wanatah, Ind., on the map for his world-renowned work at raising a faster-growing, larger breed of red poll cattle.

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Plan, monitor and cool it

Plan, monitor and cool it

Kylee Kohls

CAB Cattle

It’s a hot topic every summer. “Heat stress is the largest impediment to efficient animal agriculture,” said Rob Rhoads, Virginia Tech. He presented with University of California-Davis colleague Frank Mitloehner for a symposium on the topic at the American Society of Animal Scientists annual meeting in July. Rhoads focused on what happens inside cattle as they respond to a detrimental heat load.

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