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Mark Parker:  Top 10 most common causes of farmer injuries

Mark Parker:  Top 10 most common causes of farmer injuries


#10. Spending your wife’s vacation fund money on yet another bargain cow at the sale barn.

#9. Bending over to pick up your cap when there’s a cow with a newborn nearby.

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Transition to a Controlled Breeding Season

Transition to a Controlled Breeding Season

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

Cattle producers cannot expect to go from a 365-day calving season to a 60- or 90-day season within one year. More feasible is a progressive three- or four-year plan.

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Johne’s Disease and Detection in Beef Cattle

Johne’s Disease and Detection in Beef Cattle

Michelle Arnold, DVM

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

What is Johne’s Disease? Johne’s (pronounced Yo-knees) Disease is a chronic disease of profuse, watery diarrhea and weight loss or “wasting” in adult cattle (Figure 1) caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis, commonly referred to as “MAP”. This is a slow, progressive disease that begins when calves (not adult cattle) are infected with the MAP bacteria, most often around the time of birth but infection can occur up to 6 months of age and very rarely after.

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In Support of Small Cows

In Support of Small Cows

Meg Grzeskiewicz

Eco Farming Daily

I believe that you can single-trait select females for one thing: the percentage of her weight that her calf weighs at weaning. I regard this as the ultimate measure of a cow’s worth. It is a defense against the trap of selecting females based on simply having the largest calves and ending up with a bunch of massive females that will eat you into the poorhouse.

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TN to host Steak and Potatoes Field Day

TN to host Steak and Potatoes Field Day

On the Farm Radio

Beef cattle producers, fruit and vegetable growers, and Tennessee landowners should save the date for the Steak and Potatoes Field Day: Tuesday, August 6. A University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture field day, the event will be held at the Plateau AgResearch and Education Center in Crossville and feature science-driven sessions with the latest research and findings.

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Improve Silage ROI

Improve Silage ROI

Ben Jensen & Jon Pretz

Angus Beef Bulletin

We all know that feeding cows high-quality forage can translate to increased profitability, thanks to its superior digestibility and encouragement of dry-matter intake (DMI). However, over the past few years, prices have been on the rise as the result of a limited forage supply. Despite its high cost, whether we are feeding on our farms or shipping down the road as a source of income, we can all agree that forage quality matters.

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Perspective: Farm Aid is no friend to farmers

Perspective: Farm Aid is no friend to farmers

Michelle Miller


Farm Aid is a concert put on by the likes of John Mellencamp, Dave Matthews, Willie Nelson, Luke Combs, Bonnie Rait, and Neil Young (remember his Album “The Monsanto years?”). They talk a big game about valuing farmers and creating the best food in America.

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New policies needed to combat grain fungus of cattle

New policies needed to combat grain fungus of cattle


WCVM Today

“In the most severe cases, animals lose their hooves and have to be put down, so there are economic losses for producers,” said University of Saskatchewan PhD student Vanessa Cowan. “It’s terrible. There is no treatment, except to stop eating contaminated grains.”

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Mike Rowe’s Advice For Beginning Farmers

Mike Rowe’s Advice For Beginning Farmers

Anna-Lisa Laca


In late June, I had the chance to meet and interview Mike Rowe at the VAS Connect Summit. I couldn’t resist spending a chunk of my interview time to ask him what advice he has to offer beginning producers for a special episode of The First Years podcast and luckily, he obliged.

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Farmers struggle to find hay for animals as wet spring creates shortage

Farmers struggle to find hay for animals as wet spring creates shortage

Jessie Higgins


Hay stocks across the Midwest this spring were down 24 percent from last year, said Lance Zimmerman, a research and data manager at Cattle Fax, which monitors and informs the cattle industry. And last year’s stocks were below the norm, he said.

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