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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 thoughts going through a county fair judge’s mind

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 thoughts going through a county fair judge’s mind


#10. Seventeen pigs, 13 exhibitors and a ring man who’s more interested in flirting with the secretary.

#9. Easily the best reining pattern but I’m pretty sure the rider has to remain mounted ‘til the end.

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‘Weather’ or not to wrap hay

‘Weather’ or not to wrap hay

Andrew Overbay

Progressive Forage

Okay now, first things first. I do know the difference between “weather” and “whether.” I debated on the misspelling as an attention-getter, and if you’ve gotten this far, it worked! Thus far, 2019 has been an interesting weather year to say the least. My heart goes out to my fellow farmers who have seen cropland besieged by rain.

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Black vultures, eagles wreak havoc on livestock farms

Black vultures, eagles wreak havoc on livestock farms

On the Farm Radio

Jeffrey Rumbaugh, a USDA Wildlife Services biologist, helps Virginians with migratory bird conflicts and permitting questions. He said the best ways to combat black vultures are to use noise harassment—such as loud bombs, shooting or pyrotechnics to scare them; good husbandry practices, which include cleaning up carcasses and afterbirth quickly; and shooting or effigies, but both of those require a permit.

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Limit Your Liability

Limit Your Liability

Kenneth Brown, DVM

Bovine Veterinarian

We might long for the less-litigious times of past generations, but these days we need to take steps to minimize our exposure to liability with prior planning and legal paperwork. We also should recognize that growing numbers of veterinary students, even with a large-animal focus, grew up in the suburbs and have little to no real experience in handling livestock, potentially raising the risk of injuries.

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How Quick the Flames Come – Protect Hay from Fire

How Quick the Flames Come – Protect Hay from Fire

Sara Brown


The word fire can strike fear for farmers and ranchers. Whether it’s a large outbreaks of wildfires, in a barn, or just a brush pile—fire precaution can’t be stressed on the farm enough.

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Facing Short Hay Inventory? Here’s What You Can Do

Facing Short Hay Inventory? Here’s What You Can Do

Aaron Berger

On Pasture

The abundant spring and early summer moisture we have received in Nebraska and other parts of the country has been record setting in many areas and has resulted in hay meadows and fields being inundated with water. Even if the rain stops, for many producers, these flooded hay meadows and fields will produce significantly less this year, due to the damage caused to forage stands by the standing water.

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Ration changes necessary during forage deficit.

Ration changes necessary during forage deficit.

Alayna DeMartini

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

Less salad, more carbs and proteins. That’s counter to what many say is right for our diet, but for cows and other livestock, that’s the direction in which their diets are likely to shift. Farmers are trying to keep their animals well-fed amid a Midwest shortage in hay and other grasses grown for livestock to eat.

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Monitoring mineral feeders

Monitoring mineral feeders

SunUp TV

Glenn Selk explains why it is important to monitor mineral feeders during the summer months.

USDOT revising livestock definitions in hours-of-service

USDOT revising livestock definitions in hours-of-service


The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration today said that it is seeking public comment on revising agricultural commodity or livestock definitions in hours-of-service regulations. The agency worked closely with the USDA on this effort to provide clarity for the nation’s farmers and commercial drivers.

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USDA agencies: Stay or move?

USDA agencies: Stay or move?


Some things in agriculture are obvious: the importance of timely rains and the value of neighbors who keep their fences in good working order, to name just two. Some things in ag are more complicated. These issues and subjects generate differing viewpoints that both offer legitimate arguments and deserve careful consideration.

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