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Weed and brush control: myths and mistakes

Weed and brush control: myths and mistakes

Scott Flynn

Hay and Forage Grower

Don’t allow weeds and brush to limit the production potential of your pastures. Weed and brush encroachment into pastures and hayfields can lower the ability to meet nutritional needs of most livestock operations. Over time, most producers eventually reduce animal numbers or supplement herds to compensate for forage loss.

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Animal Activists Target Christian Faith and Church Communities to Advance Their Meatless

Animal Activists Target Christian Faith and Church Communities to Advance Their Meatless Agenda

Oklahoma Farm Report

A new book, “What Would Jesus Really Eat? The Biblical Case for Eating Meat,” looks at what the Bible has to say about using and eating animals from several different perspectives. The book, co-authored by Palm Beach Atlantic University professor and pastor, Wes Jamison, PhD, tackles topics including the challenges to Christian meat-eating, human exceptionalism and humanity’s dominion over other living creatures.

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Producer thoughts on replacement heifers, genomics

Producer thoughts on replacement heifers, genomics

Wendy Sweeter

The Cattle Business Weekly

Four beef producers from around the country participated in a panel discussion at the Beef Improvement Federation meeting in Brookings, S.D., this June. On the topic of selecting replacement heifers, Trey Patterson of Padlock Ranch in Ranchester, Wyo., says they have been in an expansion mode the last few years and run as many cattle on rangeland in the winter as they can. They put some pressure on them in the winter before they go through one round of artificial insemination and no cleanup bulls.

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Grazing Options for Supplementing Poor Quality Forages

Grazing Options for Supplementing Poor Quality Forages

Chris Penrose

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

Many of us will be feeding poor quality hay again this winter, likely similar to last winter. When I mowed down hay over the weekend, the grass was past mature to the point that fescue had already dropped seeds and the tops were brown. Weeds were continuing to overtake the stand and I am not halfway done with first cutting.

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Good News and Bad News for Farm Lending

Good News and Bad News for Farm Lending

Northern AG Network

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell told senators at a recent Banking Committee hearing that banks remain in good shape to continue lending to farmers and ranchers. That’s despite deteriorating conditions across the agricultural economy.

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Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage Insurance for Cattle Producers

Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage Insurance for Cattle Producers

Gene Johnston

Successful Farming

You can manage the risk of just about everything on the farm – except the weather.  Not so fast, says Steve Wooten. The southeast Colorado cow-calf rancher isn’t exactly controlling the weather, but he is mitigating some risk of drought.

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Protein Supplements

Protein Supplements

The Cattleman

During the latter half of the summer forage quality often decreases.  When manure patties start to stack up (increase in height), it is a good indicator that cattle could benefit from a protein supplement.

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Researchers Identify Promising New Gene Markers for Feed Efficiency

Researchers Identify Promising New Gene Markers for Feed Efficiency

John Maday


Scientists at the University of Alberta have identified 19 genes that could serve as key markers for feed efficiency in cattle.  For the past decade, researchers and cattle breeders have worked to capitalize on the genetic components in the ability of cattle to efficiently convert feed into lean beef, and have made significant progress. Genetic effects on feed efficiency are difficult to measure and quantify though, especially as non-genetic environmental factors also influence feed efficiency.

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Management Perspectives: No hype: EPDs work

Management Perspectives: No hype: EPDs work

Dr. Bob Hough

Western Livestock Journal

Due to objective genetic predictions such as EPDs (expected progeny differences) and indexes, the cattle industry has made tremendous progress in production and efficiency. However, as the models that produce the predictions become more sophisticated and producers understand less of the mathematics behind them, some people are turning off from the technology.

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Multi-million dollar impact hits farmers and consumers

Multi-million dollar impact hits farmers and consumers

Robert Moore

Citizen Tribune

The closing of Southeastern Provision, a Grainger County slaughterhouse targeted in a massive federal tax and immigration investigation, created a $20 million economic loss, mucking a multi-state beef-distribution network in a manner that’s a rotten deal for cattlemen and carnivores alike, according to state Sen. Steve Southerland.

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