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Baxter Black, DVM: Good Dawg

Baxter Black, DVM:  Good Dawg

Every genuine or would be cowboy’s pride and joy is his ‘good dawg!’ One of the highlights at a Stock Show is the stock dog trials.

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New Web-Based Sire Selection Tool Promises Easier Decision-Making with Herd Specific Optimization

New Web-Based Sire Selection Tool Promises Easier Decision-Making with Herd Specific Optimization

Oklahoma Farm Report

Dr. Matt Spangler of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is working in collaboration with other researchers in the development of a web-based solution to enable cattle producers to make better bull buying decisions for their commercial cow operations. Spangler’s team has dubbed the product, still in development and scheduled for release in 2020, iGENDEC which stands for internet genetic decisions.

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Blame it all on mom?

Blame it all on mom?

Lindsay King

Angus Journal

Fetal programming isn’t a new concept in the health-care community; expecting mothers are quickly advised to take prenatal vitamins and stick to a healthy diet. Gestating cows might not be any different.

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Hurricane Preparedness for Livestock

Hurricane Preparedness for Livestock

Joe C. Paschal

Texas A&M University

Livestock owners should “hurricaneize” their livestock each year prior to hurricane season. This would include making sure their livestock are current on their vaccinations (blackleg, leptospirosis, tetanus, encephalitis). Additional feed, hay and water supplies should be purchased several days prior to landfall and stored incase these are not available following the hurricane.

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Old Cows Are the Newest Thing in Texas Beef

Old Cows Are the Newest Thing in Texas Beef

Texas Monthly

In 2006, Ronald Beeman and his son Jordan saw an opportunity to market a Japanese breed of cattle to American consumers. They bought the HeartBrand beef company and commenced expanding their herd of Akaushi cattle, a specific breed of Wagyu that’s rare in the United States. HeartBrand, headquartered in Harwood, Texas, has about 15,000 head of cattle, but that’s still not enough to meet demand. After successfully creating a market for a new breed of cattle, they’re setting their sights on another new frontier in American beef: Old cows.

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Back in Black: Hereford Cross Boosts Performance

Back in Black: Hereford Cross Boosts Performance

Tom Venesky

Lancaster Farming

When Mike Sherman got into the beef business years ago, he established a herd of black Angus on his 100-acre Lycoming County farm. And he quickly came to a realization. “Angus cows are really good moms, but they’re really good moms that don’t want their calves ear-tagged and weighed,” Sherman said. “It was a safety issue, especially with our three young children around.”

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2019 Cattle Industry Summer Business Meeting

2019 Cattle Industry Summer Business Meeting


The Cattle Industry Summer Business Meeting features meetings of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion & Research Board, American National CattleWomen, Inc. and the National Cattlemen’s Foundation.

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Beef Traceability Project Now in Five States

Beef Traceability Project Now in Five States

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

A year ago a pilot project was announced to bring cattle traceability to Kansas. The program, called CattleTrace, touted a public-private partnership aimed at the development and testing of an infrastructure that could one day expand to a national scale.

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