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Wall Street banks bailing on troubled U.S. farm sector

Wall Street banks bailing on troubled U.S. farm sector

P.J. Huffstutter, Jason Lange


In the wake of the U.S. housing meltdown of the late 2000s, JPMorgan Chase & Co hunted for new ways to expand its loan business beyond the troubled mortgage sector. But now – after years of falling farm income and an intensifying U.S.-China trade war – JPMorgan and other Wall Street banks are heading for the exits, according to a Reuters analysis of the farm-loan holdings they reported to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

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Some things Never go out of Style

Some things Never go out of Style

Christy Couch Lee

Hereford World

He can drive throughout the countryside and point out each farm to which he has delivered his Hereford genetics in his nearly 84 years on Earth. But one thing you will not find him doing? Bragging about any of his vast successes. No, Lawrence Duncan, Wingate, Ind., is about as humble as they come. But take a look at the many national championship banners and photos tied to his Able Acres, and it is easy to see he has been a pioneer in the Hereford breed.

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Actual Measurements-Imperative to collect, but impossible to use in selection

Actual Measurements-Imperative to collect, but impossible to use in selection

Brad Wright

Brangus Journal

Collecting measurements at all these points in an animal’s life with correct contemporary group designations is vital to accurate expected progeny difference (EPD) calculations. However, contrary to popular belief, that is their only valid use.

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Don’t Let Disease Be a Show Stopper

Don’t Let Disease Be a Show Stopper

Kindra Gordon

Angus Journal

In terms of disease transmission, livestock shows offer opportunities for “the worst case scenario,” says Brian Vander Ley, a veterinary epidemiologist with the University of Nebraska’s Great Plains Veterinary Education Center in Clay Center, Neb.

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Farm groups air concerns about USMCA

Farm groups air concerns about USMCA

Prairie Farmer

The Trump administration could drop the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement in the House any day now and farmer-interest groups are putting in their two cents. The National Farmers Union is urging additional improvements to the deal to help reduce health care costs and protect rural jobs, outlining their concerns in a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

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Making cattle more sustainable

Making cattle more sustainable

Amy Quinton

The Daily Democrat

nside the UC Davis dairy barn, a Holstein cow has its head and neck sealed airtight inside a large, clear-plastic chamber that resembles an incubator for newborns. While giant tubes above the chamber pump air in and push air out, the cow calmly stands and eats her feed. Equipment inside a nearby trailer spits out data. This is how Frank Mitloehner measures gases that come from cows’ stomachs and ultimately contribute to global warming.

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Dealing with heat stress in cattle

Dealing with heat stress in cattle

Rick Thomason

The Tomahawk

Being proactive is the best approach for dealing with heat stress in cattle. Having a solid management plan in place to address heat stress could pay big dividends in the form of maintained animal performance during periods of heat and in avoiding death losses in severe cases. Here are 3 steps you can take to help deal with heat stress in cattle.

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Reproductive inefficiency in cattle target of new research

Reproductive inefficiency in cattle target of new research


Auburn University researchers are creating a basis of knowledge that will allow for the development of strategies to improve fertility in beef cattle. “Our research at the moment is about understanding the complexities and assorted mechanisms of pregnancy,” said project leader Fernando Biase, assistant professor in the Auburn College of Agriculture’s department of animal sciences.

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How do you find balance in your genetics? 4 commercial ranches share tips

How do you find balance in your genetics? 4 commercial ranches share tips

Burt Rutherford

Beef Magazine

Among the many excellent presentations at the recent Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) meeting in Brookings, S.D. was a panel of commercial beef producers who discussed how they use genetics to improve their cow herd. Here are excerpts from their comments:

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You Can Profit From Preconditioning

You Can Profit From Preconditioning

Greg Henderson


Certainly 2019 will go down as one of the most challenging years for agriculture. The thousands of idle corn and soybean acres grabbed most of the headlines, but livestock producers suffered substantial impact, too. The immediate reaction by many farmers and ranchers is to tighten their belts to survive for a better day.

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