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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 judgment calls you guessed wrong on

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 judgment calls you guessed wrong on


#10. Yeah, pretty sure those cows off in the distance are on this side of the fence.

#9. The kerplunkjiggyjiggybang sound from the combine doesn’t seem to be getting any worse so, one more round, right?

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Feeding moldy hay can create problems in livestock

Feeding moldy hay can create problems in livestock


With the abundance of rain that has fallen in the Midwest over the last several weeks, farmers and ranchers are likely dealing with moldy hay and spoiled feed. Moldy or spoiled feed can present a health risk for multiple species, Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension equine specialist Kris Hiney said.

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Mineral Nutrition Vital for Summer Cattle Grazing Programs

Mineral Nutrition Vital for Summer Cattle Grazing Programs

Janna Block

North Dakota State University

Proper mineral nutrition is important for optimal cattle reproductive performance, milk production, calf weight gain and a strong immune system, according to Janna Block, North Dakota State University Extension livestock specialist at the Hettinger Research Extension Center.

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Building Stream Crossings For Cattle

Building Stream Crossings For Cattle

Jodi Henke

Successful Farming

Cattle activity in and around a stream causes erosion, sediment build-up, and an increase in water pollutants. To help them get to the other side while protecting the stream, put in a crossing. Add exclusion fencing along the stream bank to provide the best results.

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Tips for using risers with electric fencing

Tips for using risers with electric fencing

Piper Whelan

Canadian Cattlemen

Replacing gates with risers that lift up electric fencing may be beneficial to producers looking to save time and money. Several producers are taking advantage of tools that lift electric wire, allowing cattle to walk under the wire instead of through a gate.

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Noble Research Institute Sets Careers in Motion for College Students

Noble Research Institute Sets Careers in Motion for College Students

Noble Research Institute
Fourteen students traveled to the Noble Research Institute in Ardmore, Oklahoma, for the opportunity to work side-by-side with Noble consultants and researchers. The Lloyd Noble Scholars in Agriculture program offers students the opportunity to work with agricultural professionals in six core areas of expertise: animal science and livestock management, agricultural economics, horticulture, range and pasture management, soils and crops, and wildlife and fisheries.

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Meatless Future?

Meatless Future?

Kasey Brown

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

Morgan explains that companies making alternative meat are financially sound at this point, and they have shown an 80% increase in this area. Granted, the resources used toward alternative meat are still a small percent of the business, but they are growing.

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USDA Confirms Silage Corn Can Be Planted On Prevent Plant Acres

USDA Confirms Silage Corn Can Be Planted On Prevent Plant Acres

Anna-Lisa Laca

Dairy Herd Management

This week, farmers in much of the eastern Corn Belt will be eligible to plant cover crops as the late-plant period on prevent plant acres ends there on June 26. Following last week’s announcement about the potential to harvest cover crops on September 1 instead of November 1 many farmers, particularly in the upper Midwest, started to wonder if silage corn would be eligible. According to Richard Flournoy, deputy administrator of product management for the USDA-Risk Management Agency (RMA), silage corn can be eligible for planting on prevent plant acres.

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Forage Sampling For Haying and Grazing and Tips on Bale Size

Forage Sampling For Haying and Grazing and Tips on Bale Size

Kathy Voth

On Pasture

Forage sampling in a standing pasture allows us to get a feed value estimate of forages that will be fed to livestock. It’s also helpful for making sure your forage is at the best stage for cutting hay. While you can look at it, checking the color, leaf to stem content, and the stage of maturity of the forage, they’re no substitute for a feed test that can tell you exactly what you’ve got.

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Beef and forage tour will sharpen management skills

Beef and forage tour will sharpen management skills

Prairie Farmer

If you raise forages or have even a few beef cows, you don’t want to miss this one-day tour on July 6. You can visit three unique beef enterprises and learn about both establishing and feeding a variety of forages in one tour. I tagged along on a pre-tour, and I promise you will come home with plenty of ideas that will make you think about your own operation.

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