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Breeding Better Cattle

Breeding Better Cattle

The Cattle Business Weekly

Third-generation seedstock producer Lee Leachman has spent his lifetime breeding and marketing cattle. At the young age of 7, he started helping with heat detection on his family’s 2,300-head operation in Billings, Montana, and through the years he has mastered the marketing and selection of seedstock.

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Farming with Family through the Tough Times

Farming with Family through the Tough Times

Christine Gelley,

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

There are days where every farmer wonders what they got themselves into. Days where the work ahead is overwhelming, the kids are sick, the cows are calving, your 4×4 is stuck in the mud, and to top it off, you are running low on stored feed and stored energy in your soul. Farming is tough. No doubt about that.

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Pregnancy check replacement heifers to protect investment

Pregnancy check replacement heifers to protect investment


Cattle producers who choose to breed spring-calving replacement heifers about a month ahead of the mature cows need to determine which heifers failed to conceive in their first breeding season, according to Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension emeritus animal scientist Glenn Selk.

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Clone – DELETE

Clone – DELETE

B. Lynn Gordon

Beef Magazine

Jim and Twyla Wulf are veterans in the cattle business, but a relocation and re-enterprising of their beef herd has opened new doors. Now with their sons, Travis and Brady, who are finished with college and back home, the family is setting itself up for a long and vibrant future.

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Stockmanship and Stewardship event in Ames, June 28-29

Stockmanship and Stewardship event in Ames, June 28-29

Sara Brown

Bovine Veterinarian

Cattle producers should make plans to visit Ames, Iowa, for the Midwest Summer Stockmanship & Stewardship experience on June 28-29, 2019. Stockmanship and Stewardship is a unique two-day educational experience featuring live low-stress cattle handling demonstrations, Beef Quality Assurance training, and industry updates. The event is led by stockmanship experts Curt Pate and Ron Gill.

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Schooling Goes Beyond The ABCs

Schooling Goes Beyond The ABCs

Betsy Jibben


School might be wrapped up for the year in most areas, but the work by students at one Indiana School District isn’t finished. Some who attend the Maconaquah Middle School in Bunker Hill, Ind., are still learning by doing in their agriculture classes, thanks to a program called School To Table.

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Cattle industry’s Beef Quality Assurance program released

Cattle industry’s Beef Quality Assurance program released


With more request for transparency, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association released a manual not only for consumers, but also for producers. The official manual for the Beef Quality Assurance program that is both detailed and extensive is now being distributed nationwide throughout the cattle industry. The manual and the BQA Program are both managed by the producer education team at the NCBA, a contractor to the Beef Checkoff.

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What I Want in the Perfect Beef Cow

What I Want in the Perfect Beef Cow

Ryon Walker, Ph.D.

Noble Research Institute

Back in the early 1990s, headlines generated some interest in developing a “green cow.” This green cow was supposed to produce (synthesize) its own food, just like our green forages. I believe it had something to do with photosynthesis, using sunlight as energy.

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A strategy offered to enhance longevity in first-calf heifers.

A strategy offered to enhance longevity in first-calf heifers.

Heather Smith Thomas

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

The 2-year-old year is the toughest time of a cow’s life. She’s raising her first calf, still growing, and needs enough nutrition and body condition to cycle on schedule after calving. Otherwise, she may end up open or calving late next year. It can be a challenge to get heifers rebred without losing ground in their calving schedule.

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Can Cows Save the Planet?

Can Cows Save the Planet?

Trent Loos


Why do people outside of the farming community continue to lie about our industry? They romanticize and talk about loving the small family farmer, yet with every action they work at putting farmers out of business. Gov. Jerry Brown and the entire California Assembly dealt the latest blow to small farmers.

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