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Tennessee to host beef cattle reproduction workshop in Knoxville

Tennessee to host beef cattle reproduction workshop in Knoxville

University of Tennessee

Registration is now open for the 2019 Applied Reproductive Strategies in Beef Cattle symposium. Hosted by the Beef Reproduction Task Force and the University of Tennessee, the ARSBC symposium will be Aug. 20-21 at the Hilton Knoxville in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Considered the premier national event in beef cattle reproductive management, the meeting has a long history of providing the latest information on the application of reproductive technologies and includes a range of topics related to cow herd reproduction — such as nutritional interactions, management and male fertility.

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U.S. Wins More Access to EU Beef Market

U.S. Wins More Access to EU Beef Market

Jonathan Stearns

Bloomberg News

American farmers will be entitled to almost 80% — or 35,000 metric tons — of the annual EU quota on hormone-free beef over seven years, with an initial allocation of around 40%, European officials told reporters in Brussels on Friday. The overall import limit amounts to 45,000 tons — most of which is currently supplied by Australia, Argentina and Uruguay.

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Mershon Cattle Makes NRSP Breeding Decisions

Mershon Cattle Makes NRSP Breeding Decisions


Now in its 20th year, the National Reference Sire Program (NRSP) is a program that allows Hereford breeders to test young sires in real-world commercial settings. Not only does this allow breeders to obtain high accuracy expected progeny differences (EPDs) and performance data, but it also allows them to test sires next to the top Hereford genetics in the breed. To date, the NRSP has tested more than 375 bulls for economically relevant traits of interest.

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Cattle genetics: Behind the scenes

Cattle genetics: Behind the scenes

Holly Spangler

Prairie Farmer

When Bradley and Kimberly Wolter decided to start a cow herd from scratch 15 years ago, they relied on her innate cattle knowledge and his Ph.D. in genetics. Fast-forward those 15 years and you have a young southern Illinois farm family who is redefining beef cattle production — and profitability — on their Aviston farm, Windy Hill Meadows, and bringing a network of farm families along for the ride.

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The beef industry behind the auction block

The beef industry behind the auction block

Osceola Sentinel-Tribune

Iowa’s beef farm families work diligently to produce high-quality beef from pasture to plate. In the latest release of farmer profile videos, the Iowa Beef Industry Council (IBIC) features Fisher Farms and the Lamoni Livestock Auction Market. The video helps consumers understand the livestock market’s role in the community.

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Ranching from the history books

Ranching from the history books

Nicole Lane Erceg

High Plains Journal

I’ve always been fascinated with history. From the Founding Fathers in grade school to the battles of World War II, the stories of those who came before us and the great feats they accomplished continue to intrigue me. There’s a lot of history out on the range, too, as I’ve learned from ranchers whose operations have stood the test of time.

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Calving ease EPDs consider multiple factors.

Calving ease EPDs consider multiple factors.

Heather Smith Thomas

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

It is important to select specific bulls when breeding heifers so the heifer’s first calf can be born easily. While using the birth weight (BW) expected progeny difference (EPD) for selection is popular, the calving ease EPD is more important, says Travis Olson at Ole Farms Athabasca, Alta., Canada.

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EPDs, genome sequencing discussed at BIF

EPDs, genome sequencing discussed at BIF

Tri State Livestock News
EPDs are useful, but have they correlated to an increase in profitability? Dr. Matt Spangler, a beef genetic specialist with the University of Nebraska, spoke during one of Wednesday’s sessions on a relatively new project focused on the development of a web-based sire selection tool for beef cattle producers.

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Innovation adopters combine seedstock and sustainability

Innovation adopters combine seedstock and sustainability

Lynn Gordon

Beef Magazine

Jim and Twyla Wulf are veterans in the cattle business, but a relocation and re-enterprising of their beef herd has opened new doors. Now with their sons, Travis and Brady, who are finished with college and back home, the family is setting itself up for a long and vibrant future.

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Nebraska’s Beef with NYC’s de Blasio

Nebraska’s Beef with NYC’s de Blasio

Chris Clayton


New York City officials will push ahead with NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plan to reduce beef consumption in the city despite criticism from Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts and the Nebraska Farm Bureau

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