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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 indications you’ve bought a bad used tractor

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 indications you’ve bought a bad used tractor

#10. As you’re driving it away, the farmer you bought it from high-fives his son.

#9. There’s a copy of the Serenity Prayer in the owner’s manual.

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Prospect of Higher Feed Costs Generating Both Challenges and Opportunities for Cattle Producers

Prospect of Higher Feed Costs Generating Both Challenges and Opportunities for Cattle Producers

Oklahoma Farm Report

According to the latest reports, farmers are likely to forgo planting millions of acres in corn and soybeans. Oklahoma State University Extension Livestock Market Economist Dr. Derrell Peel says that will and is currently having impacts throughout the entire beef supply chain from feedlots down to stockers and cow/calf producers.

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Tariff Turmoils

Tariff Turmoils

Donnie Leddy

The Cattle Business Weekly

President Trump continues to utilize tariffs as a means to pressure other countries to align themselves with his administration policies. The most recent threat of tariffs against Mexico was quickly resolved prior to imposing them.  President Trump had threatened to impose tariffs on all Mexican goods entering the US if Mexico did not limit the number of Central American migrants moving through their country into the US.

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Summer annuals can help solve forage shortages

Summer annuals can help solve forage shortages

Travis Meteer

University of Illinois

Are you short on hay? Are your pastures struggling and grazing days coming up short? Do you need an emergency forage if it turns dry this summer? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you may need to look into planting a summer annual forage.

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Call the Vet! Rural Veterinary Medicine Is Struggling

Call the Vet! Rural Veterinary Medicine Is Struggling

Betsy Freese

Successful Farming

Two years ago when Jacey McDaniel  graduated from vet school and moved to western Kansas to practice, she couldn’t have imagined the challenges she would face. Last fall, McDaniel’s boss, Kristina Booker, passed away unexpectedly of a pulmonary embolism at age 42.

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Veterinarian Examines Fair Oaks Farms Undercover Video

Veterinarian Examines Fair Oaks Farms Undercover Video


The Center For Food Integrity established an Animal Care Review Panel of top veterinarians to assess this undercover video and provide clarity of what’s common practice and what’s not. AgDay national reporter Betsy Jibben had a discussion with one of the panelists, Dr. Jan Shearer, a Professor and Extension Veterinarian at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Iowa State University to break it down scene by scene.

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Cover Crop Legumes That Are Great Forage

Cover Crop Legumes That Are Great Forage

Jonthan Rupert

On Pasture

This study may not have turned out as planned, but it did provide some great information about just how useful some pea and hairy vetch varieties are for providing forage for spring grazing.

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Nutrition factors into reducing summer stressors.

Nutrition factors into reducing summer stressors.

Shelia Grobosky

Angus Beef Bulletin

After a stressful winter across the country, cattle producers are surely looking forward to the sunshine and turning their cattle out to green pastures. Just as Mother Nature can cause havoc in the winter months, she can also add unnecessary stress to your herd in the spring and summer. However, with proper management, you can take a proactive approach to reducing and eliminating these summer stressors.

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Summer tips for beef cattle

Summer tips for beef cattle

Jerry Little


For the spring-calving herd, you may want to consider cutting warm season grass pastures for hay if your reserves haven’t been restored. Fescue pastures tend to go dormant in July and August, so look for alternatives like warm-season grasses during this time period. You’ll want to try to keep young calves gaining weight. Use pastures that you cut for hay; they’ll have higher quality regrowth when it is available.

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Register for Range Beef Cow Symposium

Register for Range Beef Cow Symposium


The Range Beef Cow Symposium will be held November 18-20 in Mitchell, NE at the Scotts Bluff County fairgrounds. The format is slightly different this year. In the afternoon of November 18, we will be offering Beef Quality Assurance Certification and a Ron Gill stockmanship clinic. The more traditional program will start in the morning of the 19th. However, in the afternoon of both the 19th and the 20th, there will be demonstrations and hands on presentations offered 3-4 times throughout the afternoon.

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