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Baxter Black, DVM:  A Cowboy Parade

Baxter Black, DVM:  A Cowboy Parade

You gotta hand it to cowboys. They can turn a birthday cake into a four-alarm fire!

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Jack Field: A cattleman’s best friend

Jack Field: A cattleman’s best friend


Capital Press

On a recent May morning, Jack Field repaired an irrigation pipe on his ranch.

He then saddled up his 14-year-old gelding, Rascal – “kind of my right hand” – and moved some of his 70 cattle up a hillside to the back end of the pasture. In between all these, he put on his “official” hat as executive director of the Washington Cattle Feeders Association and took to the phone, scheduling meetings for a board member in Washington, D.C., coordinating upcoming events at a processing plant and arranging lunch for legislator tours.

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What to Expect in the New Disaster Aid Package

What to Expect in the New Disaster Aid Package

American Farm Bureau Federation

American producers have been hit hard in the past few years by hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, typhoons, volcanic activity, snowstorms and wildfires. Farmers and ranchers in the South are still recovering from Hurricanes Michael and Florence, while producers in the Midwest are reeling from unprecedented flooding this spring.

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Education, Tenacity Part of Los Ojos Rancher’s Tack Box

Education, Tenacity Part of Los Ojos Rancher’s Tack Box

Amanda Martinez

Rio Grande Sun

The 1,800-acre Soaring Eagle Ranch is long, skinny and runs parallel to State Road 95 on the way to Heron Lake. Mama cows and calves dot the green fields, hide under trees and crowd around the black bucket with the salt lick inside. The animals aren’t skittish. When they hear the sound of the four-wheel drive Polaris crossing the irrigated muddy field and up the hill, their heads turn toward its driver: Sage Faulkner.

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Walter Cecil McCurry Ranching Patriarch Passes

Walter Cecil McCurry Ranching Patriarch Passes

The Hutchinson News

He was the youngest of seven children born to Cora Lee Workman McCurry and Walter McCurry . He was born November 12, 1932, in Geneseo, Kansas. He graduated from Mount Hope High School in 1950. In 1958, he and his four brothers entered into a partnership known as McCurry Brothers Angus. In 1962, they purchased the old Bridgman Elevator which Cecil managed till it was sold in 2005. He continued to be active in the cattle business serving on the American Angus board of directors and as president of the Kansas Angus Association.
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County Fairs Are Still Important

County Fairs Are Still Important

Rylee Derrer

Like many people, I used to have the same thoughts, “Oh it’s just a county fair.” However, this year was the first time in eleven years I stepped foot on to the Rock Island County Fairgrounds with out any animals or other 4-H projects to exhibit. Instead, I spent the week watching from an entirely new perspective that gave me a whole new appreciation for what I used to consider “just a county fair“.

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Weaning Fall-born Calves: Remember to Plan for Water Needs

Weaning Fall-born Calves: Remember to Plan for Water Needs

Glenn Selk


Many cow/calf operations with fall-born calves will wean the calves in mid to late June. Weaning during very hot summer weather is stressful enough to the calves. Therefore any management strategy that can reduce stress to the calves should be utilized. “Fenceline weaning” is such a strategy that should be applied.

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More Records Equal Better Analysis With SPA

More Records Equal Better Analysis With SPA

Caitlin Richards

The Cattleman

Detailed ranch records can help ranch managers make decisions with confidence. Records allow ranch managers to conduct an overall analysis of the operation to identify the strengths, weakness, and opportunities for growth.

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How long should you wean a calf for before placing it back on the same pasture with its pregnant mother?

How long should you wean a calf for before placing it back on the same pasture with its pregnant mother?


alves that have been weaned at about 500 pounds (6 to 7 months of age) will resume nursing their dams after having been separated for several weeks. Several years ago, we did some research in an attempt to reduce milk production in cows by “temporarily” separating weaning-age calves (7 months old) from their dams.

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Uncertainty rattling cattle markets

Uncertainty rattling cattle markets

Talk Business and Politics

Tariff threats and weather have fueled uncertainty throughout the cattle markets in recent weeks. While the latest threat of additional tariffs on Mexico has been removed, they did rattle many markets last week, according to Derrell S. Peel, extension livestock marketing specialist with Oklahoma State University.

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