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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 home makeover ideas from farmers

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 home makeover ideas from farmers


#10. Deluxe easy chair with built-in mini-fridge and remote control zip-tied to the arm.


#9. Slatted floor in the mudroom.
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Mark McCully Named Association CEO

Mark McCully Named Association CEO

Angus Communications

The American Angus Association Board of Directors is pleased to announce Mark McCully as the new chief executive officer of the American Angus Association, effective June 10, 2019.  McCully will serve as the chief executive officer for the American Angus Association and for each of the Association’s subsidiaries: Angus Media, Certified Angus Beef LLC, Angus Genetics Inc., and the Angus Foundation.
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Ten Things to Consider When Evaluating Moving Calving Date

Ten Things to Consider When Evaluating Moving Calving Date

Aaron Berger

University of Nebraska

The severe weather of this last winter and spring has prompted many cow-calf producers to evaluate the potential of moving their calving date to a different time of year.  The following are a list of ten things producers may want to think through as they evaluate moving of a calving date.

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Mineral supplements: Important but not the silver bullet

Mineral supplements: Important but not the silver bullet

Jason Banta

Progressive Cattleman
It is important to realize mineral supplements are important, but they are not a silver bullet. Minerals, especially trace minerals, often get more credit or blame than they deserve for improvements or deficiencies in pregnancy rates, health and weaning weights.

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Too much pasture? Clip it, hay it, or stockpile it for summer!

Too much pasture? Clip it, hay it, or stockpile it for summer!

Victor Shelton

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

I cannot believe the weather. I have never seen a spring quite like this. After a long discussion recently with an old friend who is 79, he said he hadn’t either and we both agreed that we would rather not see another, but only because the weather didn’t repeat itself. We have gone from soggy wet pastures with forages that were hesitating to grow to runaway forage on wet or saturated soils.

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Summer Brings Risk of Vesicular Stomatitis

Summer Brings Risk of Vesicular Stomatitis

John Maday
Bovine Veterinarian

Veterinarians and producers in western states should be on the lookout for signs of vesicular stomatitis (VS), which in recent years has been reported in states across the western United States. VS is a reportable disease and positive identification results in quarantine of the affected premises until the disease clears.

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Conditions right for anthrax in cattle

Conditions right for anthrax in cattle

The Cattle Business Weekly

State veterinarians in South Dakota and North Dakota are reminding livestock producers to vaccinate their animals against anthrax. North Dakota’s Dr. Susan Keller says that with the precipitation which has fallen, the flooding conditions are right for the disease to occur.

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Trump tariffs may steer Mexican cows away from U.S. beef supply

Trump tariffs may steer Mexican cows away from U.S. beef supply

Tom Polansek


U.S. President Donald Trump’s plan to slap tariffs on imports of Mexican goods could slow another, often overlooked migration: the more than 1 million cows exported by Mexico across the border each year which become part of the U.S. beef supply.

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Cattle U brings segments of the beef chain together

Cattle U brings segments of the beef chain together

Jennifer M. Latzke
High Plains Journal

Each segment in the beef chain has its own targets and goals for profitability and efficiency. And yet, by working together there are parts in the chain that provide opportunities for all segments. And that’s the goal of the inaugural Cattle U, July 31 and Aug. 1, in Dodge City, Kansas. Identifying those parts of the chain and the profit opportunities they present for cattlemen and the rest of the chain is all part of the event. Cattle U will have breakout sessions focusing on the cow-calf, stocker and feedlot sectors, as well as general sessions that pertain to all three segments as well as a trade show with vendors from up and down the beef chain.

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Strategic mineral supplementation for summer grazing

Strategic mineral supplementation for summer grazing

Beef Magazine

Soon, perhaps already, cow-calf pairs and stockers will be turned out on summer grass. Traditionally, many beef producers supplement summer grass with minerals to ensure the cattle receive adequate nutrition.

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