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Baxter Black, DVM:  Training New Neighbors

Baxter Black, DVM:  Training New Neighbors

In rural America, farmers and “rural lifestylers” are often neighbors.  Seeking a place to better raise their children, to retire in peace, or to escape the continuing anxiety of the city, they move to the country and build a house on a 2-acre plot.

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Forage Shortage: Considering Early Weaning

Forage Shortage: Considering Early Weaning

Garth Ruff

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

Low hay inventory this past winter combined with poor pasture stands due to excessive moisture have led to a greater proportion of thin beef cows both across the countryside and on the cull market.

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Antimicrobial Resistance Probably Isn’t What You Think

Antimicrobial Resistance Probably Isn’t What You Think

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

Antimicrobial-resistant bacteria are everywhere. The World Health Organization says we are in a global crisis because of this resistance. It’s a message constantly making its way across the globe in tweets and clever headlines, influencing the way people live, what they buy and even where they shop.

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Not All Cows are Equal – Some Eat More!

Not All Cows are Equal – Some Eat More!

Jack Arterburn

University of Nebraska

On most ranches, average cow size has increased significantly over the last three decades as a result of genetic selection. These changes do not come without consequences to forage intake. If the per-head counting method has been used to plan and track grazing, stocking rates may have unknowingly increase over time caused by increased forage intake of larger cows.

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Five Easy Steps for Making High-Quality Alfalfa Hay

Five Easy Steps for Making High-Quality Alfalfa Hay


There is nothing quite like opening a bale of high-quality alfalfa hay – the smell of the alfalfa, the multitude of green leaves enclosed within – the experience is like no other. If only every bale we made turned out like this!

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DNA Profiling: The Basics

DNA Profiling: The Basics

Matt Barten

Brangus Journal

Bovine embryo transfer is a broad term used to define the production and transfer or freezing of bovine embryos. This process gained traction in the late 1970s to early 1980s as a commercially viable option for beef and dairy producers to take advantage of their best genetics. Over time, the embryo transfer (ET) industry has evolved in many ways. Examples of this would be the advent of freezing embryos, synchronization protocols, as well as in-vitro fertilization (IVF). Another such evolution was realized with embryo biopsy, and when coupled with today’s powerful advancements in genomics has the potential to be another milestone within the industry.

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Over the Fence with Lincoln County Feedyard, Stapleton, Nebraska

Over the Fence with Lincoln County Feedyard, Stapleton, Nebraska

Tom Strahm

Gelbvieh World

Doing the little things right in life demonstrates discipline and shows attention to detail. A well completed task, small or large, gives the person a sense of accomplishment, and provides the encouragement for the person to begin another task or project. It’s not only doing things right that matters, but it is also doing the right things.
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Nebraska cowman embraces feeder-cattle program to communicate value to today’s feeder

Nebraska cowman embraces feeder-cattle program to communicate value to today’s feeder

Shauna Hermel

Angus Beef Bulletin

“When I was a little kid, I remember them coming out. They’d spend a week with us, look at the cattle, and Dad and them would make a deal,” he recalls. Then they’d truck the cattle clear back to Mount Carrol, Ill. Repeat customers, it got to the point where they would agree on a price for the cattle over the phone sight-unseen.

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Sale Barn Owners in Kansas Indicted in Multi-Million Dollar Fraud

Sale Barn Owners in Kansas Indicted in Multi-Million Dollar Fraud

Wyatt Bechtel


The owners of a sale barn in Kansas have been charged with carrying out a check kiting scheme by federal authorities after the fraud resulted in banks losing millions of dollars. Another case involving the livestock market has also tied up sale proceeds for local cattle producers.

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Making the most of nutrient recycling in grazing systems

Making the most of nutrient recycling in grazing systems

Matt Poore

Progressive Forage

Have you ever run across a grazier who claims to be making high forage yields without fertilizer? Some sceptics don’t believe it is possible, but we work with some pretty astute and credible folks who can document that claim.

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